Anti-Spam Policy

Limited Liability Company "Altcraft" (TIN 6230090063, IEC 623001001), acting in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation, registered at: Sovetskoy Army Str., build.19-2, office H3, Ryazan,Russia (hereinafter - the "Company" or "Altcraft") does not tolerate and does not accept Spam and fights against unsolicited mailings. By accepting the terms of the following Anti-Spam Policy, users of Altcraft Marketing Platform undertake not to use the platform for sending spam.

General provisions and definitions

Altcraft Marketing Platform (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform" or "Altcraft Marketing") is a platform designed to enable communications between Platform Users and their customers (subscribers).

User - a legal entity (company, organization, etc.) that has access to the Platform. By using the Altcraft Marketing platform access service (hereinafter - the "Service"), the User registers a User Account with the Platform and agrees to act in accordance with this Anti-Spam Policy. The use of the Platform is also subject to the Privacy Policy and other agreements and contracts concluded between the User and Altcraft Marketing LLC.

Spam — sending messages to a wide range of people who have not explicitly agreed to receive this information.

Legal requirements

Different countries have different legal requirements on this issue. All Users are obliged to strictly comply with the requirements of the legislation of the User's country of registration and the country of business, as well as the requirements of international legislation.

In relation to Users registered and / or operating in the territory of the Russian Federation, the following regulatory legal acts can be mentioned:
  • Code Of Administrative Offences Of The Russian Federation;
  • Federal Law of 27 July 2006, N 152-FZ "On personal data";
  • Federal Law of 13 March, 2006 N 38 - FZ "On advertising";
  • other laws and regulations.


Altcraft does not provide or sell subscriber bases to Users. The only database we have is our blog subscribers and our clients. The company protects contact data from renting or purchasing by third parties.

We only work with organizations and companies that have collected their databases legally and are ready to confirm the subscriber's consent to receiving the relevant messages (for example, subscribers can be added to a User’s database if they fill out the appropriate form on the User’s website).

If contact information is obtained through parsing sites or directories, as well as by manual collection, it is not considered collected by honest methods. Such data is not used in mailings and messages when providing our Service. Mailings based on such databases will have high rates of delivery errors and spam complaints. This will reduce the reputation of the sender's domain and Altcraft's sending IP-addresses (we recommend using a double-opt-in confirmation of subscription to your mailings. In this case, after filling out the registration or subscription form, a message with a confirmation link will be sent to the subscriber’s email. This approach effectively prevents spam complaints).

whether the User has confirmation from the customers to receive mailings, messages and notifications;
  • We also oblige Users to store information about registration data of their customers (date and time of registration, registration page, email, subscriber IP-address – for online registrations; scanned completed questionnaire - for offline registrations). This will allow us to resolve any disputes when communicating with anti-spam services. In turn, Altcraft has the right to check the list of subscribers, that the User has imported in the Platform, by the following indicators:
  • presence of spam traps;
  • misspelling.

If the verification fails, Altcraft can delete or block the imported data.

Message content

Users are prohibited from providing false, unreliable, or misleading information about themselves. For example, the data specified in the "From" and "To" fields must clearly identify the sender, and the subject of the message must correspond to reality. The subject and text of the message must not contain false, abusive, incorrect or misleading information. Also, the message can not contain prohibited content, such as: the sale of weapons and drugs, the sale of medicines, racial conflicts, a get-rich-quick scheme, and etc.

Contact information

The User undertakes to provide reliable contact details of the company (address, phone number, e-mail, etc.), on behalf of which all mailings are carried out. These contact information is included in the "footer" of each email. The User must monitor the accuracy of this information and update it if the data changes.

Unsubscribing from mailings

Every email, which is sent through Altcraft Marketing, has an unsubscribe link that can't be deleted. Clicking on the link automatically updates the subscribers’ status in the User's customer database. This guarantees that the subscriber who have canceled the subscription will not receive any emails in the future.

If a subscriber continues to receive unsolicited messages, which are sent from our platform after unsubscribing, he can send us an email to to unsubscribe from the mailing list and clarify the circumstances.

Users must not send messages to customers who first subscribed to the mailing and then refused it.

Liability and responsibility for non-compliance with the Anti-Spam Policy

The User undertakes not to use the Service to send Spam. If the user sends unsolicited emails or otherwise violates the rules established by the Policy, the Company has the right to issue a warning or refuse to provide the Service to such User until the circumstances are clarified.

If, after issuing a warning, the User continues to carry out prohibited activities through the Platform, we will have the right to delete the User's Account without prior notice and without refund of the funds paid. Altcraft can also report spam sent by the User to the Supervisory authorities.

The user is responsible for losses and damages incurred by the Company or a third party, provided that they were the result of a violation of the terms of this Anti-Spam Policy.

For subscribers

If you have received a message or email that was sent through Altcraft Marketing Platform, it means that the User of the Service has provided us with information about your consent to receive emails. If you have not consented to receive emails or other messages, contact us via abuse@altcraft.comAfter that, you will be excluded from the mailing list. We, in turn, will check whether the User had the right to include you in that mailing list. You can also opt out of receiving emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link that is included in every email sent via the Altcraft Marketing Platform.