Personalize your content across all channels

Personalization and hyper-personalization for your customers

Up to 90% of companies saw an increase in conversions after personalizing content in emails. If you use personalization mechanisms correctly, the CTR in your posts will grow by 25%

Collect information you need for personalization and keep it in one place

  • Personal data
  • Demographic data
  • Gender identity
  • Interests in certain products
  • Visiting certain pages on the website
  • Achieving business goals
  • Mobile app activity and other data

Create personal triggers and scenarios for engagement

  • Top-up reminder scenarios
  • Regular personalized mailings based on segmentation by preferences
  • Scenarios for reminding of an abandoned cart
  • Notifications of discounts when a certain amount of orders is reached
  • Order confirmation trigger
  • Trigger for buying related goods and etc

Use dynamic personalization

  • Emails are built dynamically according to customer data and specified conditions in the template
  • Content is generated using data obtained from external SQL database
  • Use dynamic substitution of data from external HTTP service via API
  • Create dynamic substitution based on data from any web page

6 examples of strategies for communicating with your customers

  • reminders of the need to top up the balance in your personal cabinet
  • personal offers based on segmentation by city,
  • mailings that take into account the customer's time zone
  • congratulations to customers on their birthdays or other holidays
  • Personal letters signed by the head of the company
  • Personal topics in promotional messages