Personalize your content across all channels

Personalization and hyper-personalization for your customers

Up to 90% of companies saw an increase in conversions after personalizing content in emails. If you use personalization mechanisms correctly, the CTR in your posts will grow by 25%

Collect information you need for personalization and keep it in one place

Import all customer personal data in CDP Altcraft Platform. This way you will have an undeniable advantage, because there are no limits on the amount of data stored in our marketing platform. The more information you have about your customers, the more targeted your email, SMS and push notifications will be.

Create personal triggers and scenarios for engagement

In Altcraft Platform, you can set up any scenarios for sending messages through various delivery channels. By analyzing the actions of customers, you can anticipate events many steps ahead. Here are examples of scenarios that can be implemented in our marketing automation service:

  • Regular personalized mailings based on segmentation by preferences
  • Scenarios for reminding of an abandoned cart
  • Notifications of discounts when a certain amount of orders is reached
  • Order confirmation trigger
  • Trigger for buying related goods and etc

Use dynamic personalization

Build messages dynamically based on customer data and specified conditions in the template. This data can be obtained from an external SQL database. Substitute data from an external HTTP service via API or based on data from any web page.

5 examples of strategies for communicating with your customers

Email marketing is one of the most important customer communication channels. Four out of five marketers are more likely to give up social media marketing than email marketing. Here are illustrative examples of the email marketing strategy:

  • Reminders of the need to top up the balance in your personal cabinet
  • Personal offers based on segmentation by city
  • Congratulations to customers on their birthdays or other holidays
  • Personal letters signed by the head of the company
  • Personal topics in promotional messages