Stay in touch with your customers in messaging apps

Notify customers of important events

In messaging apps, you can instantly inform customers about interesting events, whether it is the launch of a big promotion, the release of a new product, or the announcement of a useful webinar. Using this communication channel, you get closer to your customers. They receive your messages directly to the app they use all the time, so there is practically no chance that the message will go unnoticed.

Personalized messages in messaging apps

Send personalized messages to messengers through Altcraft Platform. Personalization will keep your business communications relevant and targeted. By guessing your customers' desires, you will increase their brand loyalty. And loyal customers always come back, recommend you to friends, do not look for alternative products and leave positive reviews. All this, in turn, leads to increased profits.

Telegram Bot and Telegram Group

Diverse content will show customers your uniqueness. Altcraft Platform allows you to share different types of messages in Telegram Bot and Telegram Group: text, photos, documents, audio and video files. We do not use third-party paid services to send messages to Telegram, so communication through this app will be completely free for you.

WhatsApp Business Account

Make life easier for yourself and your customers. Connect WhatsApp Business Account, set up message templates and answer recurring questions in one click. You can also send product cards to a chat with a client, add labels and track whether your client performed the desired action or not. After you collect the received data in one window, identify the gaps in your strategy and improve the interaction with buyers.

Viber tools to promote your business

Viber offers an original ad format for online retail — custom keyboards for shopping. Users can find the right product and share it with friends or buy it without leaving the app. Another feature is rich media messages that allow you to add a button to the message. Place banner ads in thematic groups and channels, send audio and video messages, or remind yourself with branded stickers. All this is easy to implement in Altcraft Platform.

Connect any messaging app for business

Make sales through instant messaging apps without difficulty. We will set up any mobile or web messaging platform at your request. If you are using the company's internal application, it will not take long to connect it either.