Consolidate all channels and all data in one platform

Save time by using auto data import

To speed up the integration process, configure the platform to automatically import data from your databases according to a specified schedule. Import from:
  • Oracle Database
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL

Set up Webhooks and send all events in real time

An event registered on the platform can be redirected to an external system. This provides endless opportunities for integration. Connect external BI, DMP, CRM and other tools.

Functional API for your developers

Advanced and functional HTTP API in Altcraft Marketing will satisfy the needs of developers. API supports JSON and XML formats. It is possible to use queue servers (such as RabbitMQ) to import large numbers of client profiles in real time.

Automatic audience synchronization

Any audience in the platform can be automatically synchronized with the external database according to the set schedule. We have implemented this function on request from our customers. It simplifies the life of the marketing department and developers.

Ready-made integrations

Apple Push Notification service

We can help you to consolidate data and automate your business processes