How Uzum Reduced Push Notification Opt-Out Rates by 23% and Started Saving 20 Working Hours per Week

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How Uzum Reduced Push Notification

Uzum is a digital services ecosystem, offering e-commerce, fintech, and banking services to both individuals and small and medium-sized businesses. Over 10 million people in Uzbekistan use Uzum's products every month. Notably, the company achieved the status of the first tech unicorn in Uzbekistan.

The company has been automating marketing communications through Altcraft Platform since December 2022. This article explores the results achieved during their year-long collaboration.

Why Uzum chose Altcraft Platform

Uzum selected the platform based on the following criteria:

  1. On-Premise Deployment. Uzum's ecosystem includes a marketplace, express delivery, traditional and digital banking, a BNPL (buy now, pay later) service, a car buying platform, and an entrepreneur app. Strict Uzbekistani data storage and security laws require the company to maintain full control over information. Altcraft, as one of the few platforms offering on-premise deployment, minimizes the risk of leakage by granting Uzum complete control over data.

  2. Flexible Segmentation. Altcraft allows for detailed audience segmentation based on various factors like profile data, location, website activity, and others. This flexibility enables Uzum to tailor communication for different user groups.

  3. A/B Testing. With this feature, Uzum systematically optimizes its marketing strategies by determining the best methods of interacting with customers.

  4. Marketing Automation and Loyalty Programs. Altcraft Platform provides solutions for automating regular campaigns and creating communication chains. Additionally, you can generate various promo codes to increase customer loyalty and strengthen your relationships with them.

  5. Control of the Number of Communications per User. Uzum automates customer communications, simplifying the interaction process. This also prevents information overload for the user, providing a more comfortable experience.

  6. Flexible User Subscription Management. The platform combines data into a single customer profile. Comprehensive information about subscribers helps tailor messages to the preferences and interests of each buyer.

  7. Message Scripts in Templates for Campaign Personalization. The ability to use logical functions in templates ensures a high level of customer engagement, as you can add or remove necessary blocks for a specific audience.

Altcraft Platform not only meets high security requirements, but also effectively improves Uzum's marketing practices, which saves time and increases the efficiency of customer communications.

Results Achieved

Started Saving 20 Working Hours per Week

Uzum uses Push, SMS, loyalty programs, and market. By automating regular campaigns, they were able to save more than 20 working hours per week that were previously spent on creating these mailings.

By automating campaigns, they were able to save more than 20 working hours per week

Reduced Time to Market for Ad-Hoc Campaigns by 3 Times

In a year of collaboration, Uzum was able to reduce the time to market for ad-hoc campaigns by 3 times. This was achieved through the use of a convenient segmentation system based on key profile data and the ability to launch customer communications in multiple languages.

Previously, various tasks had to be performed manually:

  • Creating separate templates for specific users;

  • Dividing each segment into files;

  • Selecting the template language based on the list.


  • Multiple templates have been created in different languages;

  • Content in the required language is automatically substituted based on profile data;

  • The audience is also automatically selected each time the campaign is launched.

Reduced Time to Market for Ad-Hoc Campaigns by 3 Times

Increased OR by 2.3 Times

Regular newsletters have become an important part of Uzum's marketing strategy. This has led to a 2.3-fold increase in message opens compared to previous approaches. This result underscores the effectiveness of the flexible segmentation system for more precise communication and adaptation to the interests of different user groups.

Increased OR by 2.3 Times

Reduced Push Notification Opt-Out Rates by 23%

Successful segmentation reduced the push notification opt-out rates by 23%. This proves that customers respond more positively to personalized and relevant messages, and it speaks to the importance of A/B testing. This is how Uzum continuously optimizes content and communication channels.

Reduced Push Notification

Future Plans

Uzum plans to:

  • Fully automate product recommendations based on user behavior;

  • Set up cascading communications;

  • Automate remarketing for users who do not receive messages or place orders.


Altcraft Platform has fully met Uzum's expectations, as its use takes into account the requirements for data security and the flexibility of the segmentation system.

Uzum effectively uses Altcraft tools to optimize communication and customer experience management processes, which include Push, SMS, loyalty, and market. Full automation of product recommendations is on the agenda, along with continued improvement of user interactions.

These successes confirm the effectiveness of Altcraft Platform and Uzum's readiness for continuous improvement of marketing strategies for more successful interaction with the audience and business development in general.







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Author: Ksenia Yugova






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