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All tools are available within any tariff. SaaS, dedicated SaaS, or on-premise: choose the price depending on the number of profiles in your database.

SaaS or On-Premise - all functions are available

Marketing & Sales

Unlimited communications with customers

Marketing campaign calendar

Personalized marketing communications via Email, SMS, Web Push, Mobile Push

Omnichannel scenarios for Customer Journey automation

A/B/n and MVT tests

Ability to connect any communication channel

Extended segmentation by goals, activities, and other data

Retargeting on Facebook, MyTarget and etc

Customer activity tracking (on the website and in all channels)

Data handling

Customer Data Platform

Automatic data import from your database

Customer Profile 360°

Pixel for data collection on the website

WebHooks and flexible API to register goals and purchases


Content Factory

Multi-channel message templates

Multiple personalisation options for messages

Drag-and-drop designer for email messages

Form builder


Real-time consolidated reports

Cohort analysis

Customizable funnel


Report on goals achieved


Responsive support team

Personal support chat

Help with installation and integration


Quick start within one day

No equipment and support costs

Personal data privacy

The price depends on the number of customer profiles

Number of customer profiles

320 $/mo*

*All payments in Dollars are subject to a 15% commission for acquiring services. Unfortunately, this is out of our control and there is nothing we can do about it. But you can always use Rubles or Yuan to pay without commission.


Full compliance with your information security requirements

Fixed payment for the entire usage period

Functional improvements according to your needs

Strategic safety and independence of your business

Number of customer profiles unlimited

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