How BNB Bank Increased Transaction Activity by 36%

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How BNB Bank Increased Transaction Activity

BNB Bank is a modern bank with a more than 30-year history and a confident progressive approach to products and services.

Over the past two years, the bank has attracted more customers than in the previous 30 years. Today, around 97% of customers register online, and almost 100% of card products are digital.

BNB Bank's successes are highly recognized in the professional community: at the Bank of the Year award in 2024 alone, it swept 5 awards across several categories. Among them — 1st place for bank marketing (3rd year running).

BNB Bank has been collaborating with Altcraft for over a year. The results achieved during this period are presented below.

Why Altcraft

The platform met all the requirements of BNB Bank right away:

  • Security. It is important for the bank to store customer data on its own servers. The company takes great care of personal data and strives to minimize the chance of its transfer to third-party resources. In their search for a solution, they conducted a thorough comparison of different options. They chose Altcraft, primarily due to the on-premises solution, to install the platform within the business environment.

  • Centralization of communication delivery. With Altcraft, BNB Bank consolidated communications and analytics in one place and began tracking touchpoints with clients in profiles. This helps monitor the frequency of interaction, take user interests into account, and send relevant content.

  • Platform flexibility. The bank sees how Altcraft Platform is developing, which allows them to implement solutions of any complexity using the platform.

Tasks and Results

The first stage of the collaboration involved integrations and adding the necessary data. Now, the partners are actively engaged in automating communications. They have already launched several product and personalized scenarios: NPS surveys, birthday messages, currency exchange offers, and more.

One of the key tasks is onboarding new customers and retaining them. To achieve this, they have implemented trigger chains for each product that guide customers through product usage and highlight its benefits.

For automation, omnichannel messaging is utilized across Viber ⭢ SMS channels. In certain scenarios, only mobile push notifications are employed.

In numbers:

  • The open rate of automated Viber messages: ≈60%

  • The click-through rate of automated messages across all channels: ≈12%

  • Increase in transactional activity: +36%

Transactional activity is the number of actions a user takes related to purchasing or using a product or service.

  • Monthly Active Users (MAU) growth over the year: +19%. The launch of push notifications and initial trigger-based scenarios partially contributed to this increase.

MAU (Monthly Active Users) — the number of users who interacted with a product or service at least once within a month.

What Was Done to Achieve These Results

A new communication channel — push notifications — was launched just over six months ago. The click rate reaches 20%, and the results are growing every month. The convenience and user-friendliness of the BNB Bank mobile app, along with a well-thought-out push notification strategy, contribute to achieving such a strong performance.

The bank actively uses the Scenarios tool to create automated email campaigns of any complexity. In late 2023, Altcraft updated the scenario editor, making it more convenient and user-friendly.

Updated the scenario editor in Altcraft PlatformExample of a product trigger scenario

The platform provides extensive segmentation options: by basic profile data, geolocation, action history, and more. Based on the information obtained, it is possible to prepare a relevant offer for customers. BNB Bank works with additional segmentation fields and requests to create trigger scenarios.

BNB Bank also uses broadcast campaigns to launch manual communications — it sends mobile push notifications, Viber messages, and SMS messages, informing customers about new services and important news.

Altcraft Platform can also send messages to Telegram and other channels.

In collaboration with Altcraft’s development team and the bank's vendor, Viber — a channel important for BNB Bank — was added. The audience of the Belarusian market actively uses this messenger, so it shows good results.

  • The open rate for manual communications reaches 75%.

  • The click rate for some special communications is 50%, but on average it is up to 15%, which is considered a good result.

Using analytical reports, the bank tracks the effectiveness of campaigns over time. The Altcraft system quickly processes a large amount of data, instantly calculates and displays analytics. The client receives the necessary information without delay.

Currently, analytical reports are used to keep track of the performance of trigger scenarios. Thanks to convenient graphs, it is possible to detect declines in sending and delivery rates. This serves as a basis for refinements and adjustments. Additionally, with the help of analytics, the bank understands which content is truly interesting and relevant to users and uses this information in further automation and content development.

How Marketing Has Changed After Implementing Altcraft

  1. The implementation of the platform has enabled message personalization. Now, the bank sends users only the content that has resonated with them before, along with relevant messages, individual product offers, and targeted recommendations. This approach positively impacts open and click-through rates.

  2. In Altcraft CDP, you can use different message sending policies to avoid overwhelming recipients with unnecessary information. According to the new communication policy of BNB Bank, each client receives no more than three automatic and manual messages per week. This allows the bank to control its relationships with customers.

BNB Bank's Future Development Plans

BNB Bank is prioritizing maximum automation. To achieve this, the bank's team is migrating all previously launched trigger and service campaigns to Altcraft Platform, where they can then create new ones from a single interface.

The bank's immediate plans include automating monthly cashback service messages, which inform customers about the amount they earned using the 1-2-3 card in the previous month. This will save the bank 4-5 working hours for several team members each month.

In addition, work is underway on a loyalty program, in the implementation of which Altcraft is taking a direct part.







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Author: Ksenia Yugova






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