Omnichannel marketing will be under your control in one place

Create your own omnichannel strategy

Customers want to interact with brands anytime and anywhere. The audit company Deloitte published a research, according to which more than 70% of online buyers surveyed use three or more channels to buy. Combine web site, mobile app, email and sms, social networks and other channels in a single omnichannel strategy managed by Altcraft Marketing.

Push notifications in your mobile app

Altcraft Marketing already has all necessary integrations to send Push messages to Google Android or Apple iOS. We use all options: Firebase, APNS, or Yandex AppMetrica. Choose a suitable option and configure Push notifications from the interface of the platform.

Send messages to any channel

  • to your client's personal account
  • through messengers (Viber, WhatsApp)
  • to social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  • or other custom channel

Any channel can be easily and quickly connected to the platform on your request.

13 automation nodes for your scenarios

  • Waiting
  • Marketing campaign
  • Verification of conditions (segmentation)
  • Importing data into the database
  • Updating customer profile data
  • Customer subscription management
  • Receiving information from external API service via API
  • Target/events registration
  • Audience distribution
  • Client search by transmitted data
  • Adding a connection
  • Promo codes generating
  • Adding/removing a contact to/from the stop list

Use retargeting to return customers

Set up audience synchronisation for retargeting from Facebook or Yandex. Use all opportunities - it is possible to connect other sites on your request.

Plug in advertising platforms

In Altcraft Marketing you can manage advertising on third-party sites. We will integrate any advertising platform on your request.

Create your scenarios easily with Altcraft Marketing