Altcraft Marketing — one place to keep, track and use customer data

Customer data is new oil

Altcraft Marketing will combine data from all sources (online and offline) into unified customer profile. This way you won't lose sight of the customers.It is possible to host the platform on your server. This guarantees the complete independence of the company and the security of customer data.

Data-driven marketing

Data-driven marketing involves using customer information to optimize business advertising and marketing communications. Collect data and run it through analytics tools in CDP Altcraft Platform. What data can be collected:

  • Personal and demographic data
  • Behavioral data, history of actions
  • Data on participation in loyalty programs
  • Information about relationships between different clients

Customize the marketing automation platform for your tasks

When the software is customized for your individual needs, the job becomes easier. All the functionality your business needs will always be at your fingertips. We offer:

  • LDAP-authorization for your employees
  • Configurable automatic data import from external databases (Oracle RDBMS, Microsoft SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Configurable automatic segment synchronization with external SQL database

Data that benefit you

Segment audiences according to accumulated and combined data in the platform and synchronize them with external information sources. Personalize your mailings in different channels using accumulated data and data from external sources.

Simple integrations without additional costs

  • Integration with Tilda, LPgenerator
  • Integration with Yandex AppMetrica
  • Integration with popular SMS-gateways (SMS-Center, SMSimple, Zagruzka, Devino Telecom, BulkSMS)
  • HTTP API requests in json, xml format
  • WebHooks in HTTP API, Siebel, RabbitMQ
  • If desired, emails might be sent via Amazon SNS or any SMTP Relay.