Work in an easy-to-use visual form builder

Create forms and surveys in minutes

Questionnaires, customer satisfaction surveys, feedback forms — in Altcraft Platform you can design both simple and complex forms. Any form element can be made mandatory, so you can be sure that the user fills in the required fields.

User-friendly interface

The builder is intuitive, so you don't need professional knowledge to work with it. Add different types of questions to the form — short or long answers, one or multiple-choice questions, rating scales.

Design to your taste

Create a theme for the form by choosing the appropriate color scheme. Change the style and color of the text. Add photos and YouTube videos to the form. To do this, insert additional code into the required tag.

Flexible form settings

You can customize the logic of the form so that respondents go to different pages depending on which answer they select. This will make your survey or questionnaire more targeted. Before submitting the form, select the «Actions» tab. If the form is completed successfully, the data are automatically imported into your database.

Results and analytics

Response statistics are provided in the form of a line graph and chart. It is also possible to download data in MS Excel and CSV format. Analyze the information received and make your business even more successful.

High-quality customer feedback

Find out what your customers want through questionnaires and surveys. Getting feedback on time will work in favor of your business. If you respond quickly to customer feedback, you will increase their trust and brand loyalty.