Take on board Altcraft Marketing analytics

Real-time summary reports for any channel

We have developed our own system for collecting and storing analytics. It quickly processes large amounts of data, immediately calculates and displays analytical reports. You will receive the necessary information for any time period without delay. 14 summary reports and 13 data sets are available for you.

Carry out cohort analyzing

Cohorts can be formed by weeks and months. You can analyze any cohort for any period of time by the following indicators:

  • Clicks
  • Openings
  • CTOR
  • Open rate
  • CTR

Build your conversion funnel

Altcraft Marketing adjusts and calculates funnels for any audience. A stage in the funnel can be a sent template or campaign, a segment, customer subscription and achieving a goal, e.g. a purchase on a website or a visit to a certain section in a mobile application.

Fix profit in the goal report

Place a pixel on the website (or other resource) to register the client's achievement of various goals. Each goal (purchase, interest, application) may contain Value (points, cost). The platform will automatically collect information on the goals and provide a report in a convenient form.

Specialized analytics for emails

  • Click-map in messages
  • Domains and Domain Groups Report
  • Sender report
  • Undelivered Message Report
  • Report on rejected messages

All events registered in the platform can be easily transfered to BI-system

Automate sending events (opens, clicks, reads, etc.) from Altcraft Marketing to a third-party Business intelligence or Analytical system by using WebHooks.