HTML Drag-and-Drop Builder for email templates is convenient for beginners and professionals

Create and edit any HTML template

Edit any ready-made HTML template in the Altcraft Email Editor. It is not limited to the specified blocks. This way you can easily create a new email template and change the well-established corporate template.

Any beginner in email-marketing will be happy

  • Your own image storage with search and automatic loading from external sources
  • Multiple types of blocks, adaptive markup blocks, banners, video, headers, lists and others
  • AMP blocks (carousel, accordion)
  • Block settings are presented separately in order to simplify editing
  • HTML-validation

Convenient for professionals

  • Easy DOM-tree navigation
  • CSS styles and classes can be managed directly from the еditor
  • Native name of HTML style parameters
  • Preview for different devices
  • The editor doesn't cut out CSS-hacks for email clients and special characters
  • Layer support for box-shadow and background-image and much more

Keep your blocks and save your time

We made it possible to save your own blocks. This way you get rid of the monotonous work of creating templates. Build new letters from your blocks, just like in a constructor ;)