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How to Send an Email Blast

Mail blasting is a proven way to get your message to potential customers quickly. Once you know how to do email blast, you’ll find mail blasting an easy and effective email marketing approach.

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Self Marketing: How to Promote Yourself on Social Media

Social networks are an effective way to promote your business. Read our article to learn how to brand yourself using social media platforms.

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Marketing Automation: What It Is and How It Affects Business Development

Nowadays without marketing automation, companies will no longer be able to be competitive. We will tell you what opportunities brands get by implementing automation into their business.

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Customer Loyalty: What Is It and How to Calculate It

In this article we will tell you in detail about customer loyalty: why it is so important, how to retain and measure it.

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How to Better Understand the Customer, Part 2. Customer Journey Automation

The second part of the article ”How to better understand the customer”. We figure out how and why you need to automate the customer journey on the example of 8 main mailing scenarios.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Marketing Automation: Difficulties and Features

Talking about marketing automation and share tips on how to avoid difficulties in the implementation process.

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Customer Journey Map Visualization Tools

While our team is preparing a detailed guide on creating and automating a customer journey map, we are sharing with you the tools for its design.

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How Altcraft Marketing Helped AlfaStrakhovanie Group Increase Subsequent Sales by 49%

In our new article we describe how marketing automation and Altcraft Marketing platform helped AlfaStrakhovanie group increase subsequent sales by 49%.

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