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Stories: How to Use This Tool in Marketing

About what stories are used for in marketing, what types there are and how they are useful for business.

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What Is Product Placement: Types and Examples of Advertising

About what product placement is, what it is like and what benefits it brings to companies.

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Quiz as a Tool in Digital Marketing

About what a quiz is, how quiz marketing is useful for business and how it works.

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Understanding the Differences Between CDP, DMP, ESP, CRM, ERP

About what CDP, DMP, ESP, CRM, ERP mean and why businesses need these platforms.

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Internet Marketing in E-commerce: Examples and Strategies

About what e-commerce marketing is and what tools are used in this process.

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Digital Marketing Trends for 2024

In this article we will look at what trends await us in marketing in 2024.

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Combining Email and SMS Campaigns: Maximizing Revenue Potential

In this article we analyse how to use the combination of email and SMS correctly and what are the advantages of this combination.

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Pop-ups: What Are They, Their Purpose for Business, and Types of Pop-Up Windows

Website pop-ups generate leads, deliver info, boost sales with discounts, after a delay, or based on actions. Exit-intent pop-ups aim to retain departing users.

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