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How to Reactivate Inactive Email Subscribers

Reactivation is a campaign for inactive subscribers who have not opened your emails, clicked the links and purchased anything for about three to nine months.

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Top 8 Email Marketing Metrics: Improve Your Email Strategy

The best way to monitor your email marketing efforts is by analyzing your email marketing metrics. Here's a list of the most important metrics that you should care about.

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How to Send an Email Blast

Mail blasting is a proven way to get your message to potential customers quickly. Once you know how to do email blast, you’ll find mail blasting an easy and effective email marketing approach.

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How to Build an Email Database

Email marketing is among the most effective digital marketing strategies. For email marketing to work, a business will need to have an email database.

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How Marketers Can Protect Confidential Customer Data During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nowadays, marketers need to take customer data protection more seriously. In this article we’ll explain how to protect important information from cybercriminals.

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How to Gain and Maintain Customer Trust

From this article you will learn how to gain customer trust and maintain it.

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How to Better Understand the Customer, Part 2. Customer Journey Automation

The second part of the article ”How to better understand the customer”. We figure out how and why you need to automate the customer journey on the example of 8 main mailing scenarios.

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Altcraft Marketing Platform Updates. Vol. 1

Telling you about updates in the platform: a new visual editor, relations between profiles, static segments.

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