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What is the New Social Media Platform Clubhouse and How to Use It in Marketing

We'll tell you why the new social media platform Clubhouse is breaking the Internet and how to use it in your marketing strategy.

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How to Win the Data Battle in Today's World

Today we’re going to raise a serious topic and try to figure out why the risks of storing data on third party hosts have increased, and..

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7 Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Let us tell you which digital marketing trends are worth your attention in 2021.

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Neuroscience in Marketing: Practical Tips

Learn how marketers use neuroscience to attract customers.

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Customer Loyalty: What Is It and How to Calculate It

In this article we will tell you in detail about customer loyalty: why it is so important, how to retain and measure it.

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How Marketers Can Protect Confidential Customer Data During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nowadays, marketers need to take customer data protection more seriously. In this article we’ll explain how to protect important inform..

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Marketing Automation: Difficulties and Feature..

Talking about marketing automation and share tips on how to avoid difficulties in the implementation process.

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Customer Journey Map Visualization Tools

While our team is preparing a detailed guide on creating and automating a customer journey map, we are sharing with you the tools for i..

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