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Predictive Analytics: What It Is and How It Works

About what predictive analytics is, what benefits it has and how this area of information analysis works.

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In-App Advertising: What It Is, How It Works, and How to Do It

About what App advertising is and types, complexity and creation of ads.

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Repeat Purchases: 7 Ways to Retain Customers

About what repeat purchases are and why they are important. Let's share seven strategies to strengthen customer loyalty.

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North Star Metric: What It Is, How to Find It, and Examples From Major Companies

About what NSM is, what is the essence, why you need a "polar star", how to find it not in the starry sky, but among your goals and objectives.

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MVP: What It Is, Types and Stages of Creation

About what the MVP version is, why it is needed, the stages of creation and examples.

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Hyperpersonalization: What It Is and How It's Used in Marketing

About what hyperpersonalization is and how it works, what benefits it brings and what problems it faces.

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Developing a Customer Journey Map with Unspecified Needs

In this article we will talk about the customer journey map and how to build it if the needs are unknown.

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Survey & Form Creation Services: Which One to Choose

About what survey creation services are: features, advantages and differences.

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