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CGI: What It Is and How to Apply It in Advertising

About what CGI is, why to use this technology in marketing and show examples that have produced a WOW effect.

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The New Year’s Marketing: Bright Examples of Brand Advertising Campaigns

About which brand New Year's campaigns are worth paying attention to.

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Types of Email Newsletters and What They are

For those who are looking for ideas to improve their email strategy.

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WhatsApp Newsletters: How to Do It Right

WhatsApp offers its own business solutions. Use them to communicate with your customers.

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Retargeting: Definition, Types, Steps

Retargeting is an opportunity to recapture potential leads if they left your site without converting or meeting a marketing goal.

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How to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rate

Online stores lost more than four billion dollars in 2021 due to incomplete purchases on the site. It is worth working with abandoned carts.

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A Beginner's Guide to Drip Marketing

Read about the benefits of drip marketing, what emails can be classified as "drips", and how to launch such a campaign.

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How to Win Back Email Subscribers

Why people unsubscribe from email newsletters and how to win back email subscribers.

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