The New Year’s Marketing: Bright Examples of Brand Advertising Campaigns

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New Year's Marketing

Every year, already at the beginning of December, cities are captured by New Year’s euphoria – shops are decorated with trees and themed decor, and brands launch holiday advertising campaigns both online and offline.

This time is called the “hot” season, especially in retail which traditionally remains the most important supplier of gifts. Before the New Year, receipts and sales amounts increase, and correct and timely marketing can multiply them.

Therefore, every year marketers choose which promotions to launch in December to finish the year effectively. In the article, we have collected examples of new brand campaigns that are worth paying attention to. Save ideas for your New Year’s marketing.

Why New Year’s marketing is profitable

Consumers tend to make purchases faster before the New Year because they often have to choose gifts at the last moment. A profitable promotion can encourage them to make a purchase.

People are accustomed to New Year’s marketing and are already anticipating special offers from brands. Customers begin to look more carefully at the messages they receive through different marketing channels so as not to miss out the benefits.

Holiday marketing before the New Year provides an opportunity to simplify the choice of gifts for customers, specifically by suggesting ready-made solutions in email newsletters, via push notifications, or messengers. This can increase sales and customer loyalty, as customers will be grateful to the brand for saving their time.

New Year’s promotions and sales can attract new customers and bring back old ones. Therefore, developing a marketing strategy before the New Year is a crucial stage in business.

The rules for a successful New Year’s marketing campaign

1. Effective advertising is timely advertising. Plan New Year’s promotions in advance and take into account past results: identify peak sales periods, top-selling products, and the most successful promotions and content. This way you will find the best time to launch New Year’s advertising and avoid repeating mistakes.

2. Evoke emotions and holiday atmosphere across all marketing channels. Let the client feel the New Year’s mood. Use creative designs, heartwarming pictures, and videos associated with the holiday. Don’t be afraid to stand out.

3. Keep New Year’s content light-hearted. Avoid discussing serious topics. Share holiday life hacks, jokes, and offer games and interactives.

4. Make personalized offers. While customers often switch into buying mode during this season, personalisation remains crucial. Your competitors are also running New Year’s advertising campaigns, competing for the same clients. And the automation of internet marketing will help you win. Plan promotions in advance based on the data that the CDP Altcraft Platform will collect for you, and conduct mailings in a single-window mode.

Examples of New Year’s advertising campaigns from brands

Promotions and discounts

The simplest but still relevant solution for the New Year’s campaign is to reduce the price of your products. It’s important that the discounts are significant for the client. For example – the New Year’s discount calendar from SberMarket.

Discount calendar from SberMarket

SberMarket also offers ready-made product selections for the New Year.

 Ready-made product selections by SberMarket

Selections of images and gifts

Online stores place special holiday selections on the front pages of the site to simplify the choice of a gift or New Year’s image. For example, the Street Beat store put up a special selection of gifts for various interests.


Waiting for New Year’s Eve is a tradition, and for marketers it’s another technique to remind customers to buy gifts. The brand’s website launches a countdown to the days until the New Year. For example, Yves Rocher company.

Yves Rocher company

New Year’s decoration

The easiest thing to do for New Year’s marketing is to add thematic design to the site, application and banners. Let’s consider an example of how the Gold Apple store created a game with thematic design in the application and on the website.

The Gold Apple store created a game with thematic design


Games, predictions, and other entertainment content with which you can interact. It attracts attention and engages users. The “Myth” publishing house invites you to go on a trip and follow the path of a hero. Open windows with gifts and pick up promotional codes.

The path of a hero by the “Myth” publishing house

Raffles and gifts

On New Year’s Eve, we always hope for a miracle, such as winning a prize or receiving a gift from a brand. Big companies with their ecosystems reach a large audience at once and take into account different interests. For example, the Reiss store organized a 12-day drawing of their brand’s gifts.

The Reiss store organized a 12-day drawing of their brand’s gifts

The Reiss store organized a 12-day drawing of their brand’s gifts


New Year is the time to sum up and immerse yourself in memories. That’s why nostalgia is involved in holiday marketing here. Spotify has a cool feature to sum up your listening history.

Spotify has a cool feature to sum up your listening history

Useful content

Before the New Year, it’s not necessary to share recipes and films for the holidays. Educational content is also suitable for the New Year’s campaign, the main thing is to keep it light. The Higher School of Economics invites you to watch interactive videos about artificial intelligence.

Interactive videos about Artificial Intelligence by HSE

Offline advertising

Every year, city streets, malls, and company offices are decorated for the holiday to create a New Year’s mood. This decor attracts attention and increases brand awareness because people like to take pictures with bright installations. Chanel has beautifully decorated the facade of building in Paris this year.

Chanel has beautifully decorated the facade of building

Also, consider an incredible installation on the facade from the Dior brand.

Installation on the facade from the Dior brand


New Year is not only a time of miracles but also creative marketing campaigns and increased sales. People start to buy more actively and become more loyal to brands. Therefore, businesses should consider promotions, discounts, and other ways to attract customers and encourage gift purchases. Effective marketing for the New Year is the one that is thought out in advance. It’s important to create emotions and a holiday atmosphere, provide light-hearted content, and personalize offers. The main formats of holiday advertising campaigns include sales with significant discounts, selections, interactives and prize draws. It’s also important to decorate both offline and online brand resources for the New Year to capture attention.







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Author: Ksenia Yugova






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