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Influencer Marketing: How to Build Your Strategy

We will tell you what influencer marketing is and how it helps companies to promote.

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Marketing Attribution: Definition and Models

How do you know which channels are the most effective? Choose and use an attribution model.

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Data-Driven Marketing: Strategy and Metrics

In data-driven marketing, marketers collect consumers' data and run them through data analytics tools to predict what the buyers need, ..

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How to Use Customer Feedback to Increase Sales

Customer feedback is important to a brand. We will tell you how to collect reviews and use them to increase sales.

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How to Do Market Research

You can’t launch an advertising campaign and build a marketing strategy without sufficient information — it's a business risk. This is ..

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Altcraft Marketing Platform Update: Telegram Bot and Facebook Ads Manager

Today we want to tell you about the latest innovations in the platform. Perhaps you have already paid attention to these updates and yo..

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Marketing Automation: What It Is and How It Affects Business Development

Nowadays without marketing automation, companies will no longer be able to be competitive. We will tell you what opportunities brands g..

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Neuroscience in Marketing: Practical Tips

Learn how marketers use neuroscience to attract customers.

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