What Is an Email Body, How to Design It and What Are Its Elements

Date: 2023-04-28 | Time of reading: 2 minutes (518 words)

Each email message has two important elements — the subject line and the body of the email. The purpose of the subject line is to show who sent the email and to briefly demonstrate what it is about.

The body of the email is a message with content inside. It is created using HTML code, which distributes text, images, and other components through certain tags.

In this article, we will discuss how to properly format an email and what it consists of.

How to format the body of an email

The type of content to add to an email message depends on the type of business, style, and marketing strategy of the company. The body of the email may include text, photos, videos, and GIF animations. Many companies consider that a single text is enough.

text email

Some brands focus on using images in their email campaigns.

visual content in the email

Some people like simple design.

simple design

Some companies use original designs in their email campaigns, while others prefer a simpler style. However, there are common components that every email from an organization should have:

  • subject line;

  • introduction: a brief overview of the email's contents;

  • main content: the body of the email;

  • CTA or a link leading to the website;

  • contact information: links to social media, phone number, etc.

Not all emails include an introduction or contact information, but the main content should always be present.

Here’s an example of the newsletter’s structure. The email contains a header, an image, the introductory line, main information and a CTA.

components of the email

What the body of an email consists of

1. Header of the email

This is the beginning of the message that the user sees right away. This area contains:

  • the logo or other distinctive brand elements;

  • a menu with links to various sections of the website;

  • a special offer.


2. Main information

This is the content of the message and the essential message for the subscriber. It is located between the header and footer of the email. body of the email

3. Email Footer

This is the area below the main content. The footer contains additional information about the company, including:

  • an opt-out button;

  • contact information;

  • a disclaimer, e.g., the organization is not responsible for the actions of subscribers.

footer of the email


The body of an email is the content that is contained in the message. It can include text, images, videos, or GIF animations.

There are several elements in an email message, including the subject line, introduction, main content, CTA, and contact information with links to social media. An email is divided into a header, body, and footer.







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