A Professional Business Email: Why It Is Required and How You Can Create It

Date: 2023-03-24 | Time of reading: 4 minutes (747 words)

What is business mail and how is it different from the usual one? Each mail address consists of a mailbox name and a domain name, with the @ symbol in between. The domain name is what comes after the @ symbol. It can include a number of mailboxes for different departments or employees. A business email is specific because it is created not on a commonly used domain (google.com, yahoo.com, etc.), but on a domain of its own.

An example of business email address with the domain eu.puma.comAn example of business email address with the domain eu.puma.com

In this article we'll analyze why you need business email, how to properly create and manage it, and how much it costs you.

Why a professional business email is required

Increasing recognition

Customers and partners will immediately see your brand name when they receive an email. This way, you'll stand out from the others, and the company name will be more easily remembered.

Recognition of the brand

  • Increasing customer loyalty Emails from mail created on an ordinary domain often cause doubts among recipients. That's why customers can move them to trash or spam without even looking at the content. Business mail is better appreciated by customers and is more trustworthy.

  • Optimizing deliverability The possibility of a business email being moved to spam is much lower, as it contains properly configured SPF and DKIM records. Due to this, emails go straight to the inbox.

  • Improving security when sending messages If you set up your domain correctly, your corporate email is 99 percent hackproof. Also, fraudsters won't be able to use a fake email address to send spam of all sorts on your behalf.

  • Employee performance monitoring If employees communicate with customers and partners via their business emails, management can easily monitor the correspondence and check the quality of service. This is a handy feature if you need to track the work of new specialists or find a certain message.

How to properly name a business mailbox

The name of the mailbox should match either the name of the company or some kind of work activity, or both, like in the example here: headhunting@company.com.

It is also better to use zones like .org, .online, .com and like these. They are reliable and do not cause problems with the delivery of messages. If you come up with a domain name, and it is not available, try changing zones.

How much it costs to create a business email

There are several ways to create a business email:

Email hosting services

You can create the business email for your company with the help of Email hosting services. Although there are many of them, Google Workspace is considered to be a worldwide famous one. Google Workspace is a trustworthy service offering several pricing plans for your business. It has no free trials.

Google tariffs

Standalone hosting organizations

Hosting refers to an organization providing a certain location for your domain in its online space. To start it is enough to make a one-time payment and purchase a domain. The cost depends on the exclusiveness of the domain name and varies from the cheapest price up to thousands or even millions of dollars. E.g., this is how you can choose a domain for a company of your own on GoDaddy at any price you can ever afford:

GoDaddy cheap domainAn example of the cheap domain name that you can buy from $0,01 on GoDaddy

GoDaddy expensive domainAn example of the domain name that varies from $1000 to over $16000 on GoDaddy

There are numerous organizations providing hosting services on different domain zones: the previously mentioned GoDaddy, also DreamHost, Zoho Mail, A2 Hosting, HubSpot, Bluehost and so forth.

DreamHost offers a range of tariffs configured to fit all types of businesses and solvency of the client. The peculiarity of DreamHost is that it has a 97-day trial period within which you can bring your money back and refuse to go on with the service.

Dreamhost page

Dreamhost tariffs

Zoho Mail offers cheaper tariffs than the services mentioned above. Besides, it provides a 15-day trial for a premium tariff plan.

Zoho tariffs

A server of your own

It consumes a lot of time as well as resources. To set up your own server you need hardware, your own server room with the right installation, and staff to keep it running properly. It is not the cheapest way, as well as it is not appropriate for small business, though, it is the secure one.


Business email is created on its own domain. It has a number of advantages over personal mail, including: increased customer loyalty and deliverability, security, and employee performance monitoring.

Creating your own domain is possible in several ways: with business mail services, such as Google Workspace, Zoho Mail and others, on a separate hosting, such as GoDaddy or through your own server. The most affordable way is mail hosting, because this way business email is attached in a least resource-consuming way.







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