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Date: 2020-11-06 | Time of reading: 6 minutes (1098 words)


We are happy to share good news with you! There have been many updates to the Artkraft Marketing Platform that will make your work much easier. Find out right now what you might haven’t noticed and tested yet.

First of all, we want to draw your attention to the following new platform features.

1. Data collection forms

Do you still use third-party forms for creating questionnaires, quizzes, tests and applications? Now, Altcraft Marketing has its own tool for collecting information. We have created an easy-to-use Form Builder for collecting the data you are interested in. This will provide you with reliable information about your customers.

Accurate data will give you the opportunity to make targeted advertising and attract new customers. In addition, if you are aware in advance of what your customers are dissatisfied with, you will be able to react quickly to negative reviews and keep up your reputation.

Start with launching the visual designer. To do this, click on the word “Forms” in the left panel. Then click on the “Create” button. You will see a new form that you can edit at your own discretion.

You can also import profiles to the database automatically, update information about already existing users or add new ones.

The form can be placed on a separate page or integrated into the website as iframe code. When the form is published, you will have access to the relevant analytics. You can also download the obtained data as a file or import it to the profile database.


2. Multiple conditions in segments

Now, when building a segment you can select several campaigns or messages within a single rule. This will make them less cumbersome and save your time.

These are examples of selections that will simplify segmentation:

  • subscribers who were sent messages within several campaigns and who didn't receive them;
  • profiles that didn't react in any way to a long series of emails;
  • subscribers who clicked any link within several campaigns;
  • profiles that reacted to a long series of emails, while excluding profiles that did not interact with the mailings.

3. Segmentation based on the history of static segments

You know exactly whether the profile is in the segment or not. But what if the client had appeared in the segment once or several times and then left it? Artcraft Marketing allows you to track all such cases related to the history of a static segment. Collect more data about your users and benefit from it.

For example, a customer had been making some purchases in your online store every month during five consecutive months, and then had stopped. At first, he got into the segment of loyal customers, but as soon as he stopped doing shopping, he had left it. Now you will not lose sight of such a person. After tracking such events, you can make an effort to turn this person into a regular customer again.


4. New approach to testing campaigns

Previously, each User of the Platform had to create contacts to test a new campaign. We’d decided that thus users of the Artkraft Marketing Platform were wasting their time, and we found the solution. Now each user automatically becomes a «customer profile». They can tag themselves in the database as a «test subscriber». It is also possible to test Push campaigns and custom channels.


Here are some changes that you might have not noticed. The Altcraft team always tries to notice any (even small) roughness that complicates your work in the platform, and quickly smooth them out.

1. Quick profile search

Previously, you had to create a segment to search for a particular profile. Now, to find the contact, type in some known information (such as phone number or email), and press enter. If you save the search link, you can quickly navigate to that profile even from other system.


2. Testing of trigger campaigns and manual start

The difference between a trigger campaign and others campaigns is that it doesn't have a schedule or limit. The trigger is just waiting for a special event that will launch it.

There are situations when the trigger needs to be tested. To do this, we added the special button in customer profile - «Engage in trigger». When you click on it you will be offered to select a trigger and fill in the content field. Testing a trigger allows you to be sure that your trigger campaign will perform properly.

Also, the {apicontent.} variables being substituted in the template are now available for preview in regular campaigns and broadcasts.

To do this, add the variable and the name of the field from which the data will be taken to the html template code (for example — {apicontent.field_name}). The changes will immediately appear in the preview.

3. The number of subscribers in the companies

It happens that one particular profile may have several contact details in the database. Because of this, the number of profiles does not correspond to the actual number of contacts you communicate with. In this regard, we made it possible to know in advance how many contacts will be sent the mailing list.


4. Changes in data import via the API and on the pixel

Now it is possible to import data at the same time as launching the trigger (as soon as it calculates that their actions match the desired event). Now you don't need to worry about the existence of a customer profile in Altcraft Marketing Platform.

5. Password settings in the platform

Everyone knows how important it is to generate complex passwords in order to securely store confidential data. We have configured the platform so that it recognizes frequently used passwords and does not allow creating unsecured accounts.

In addition, new configuration parameters limit the password length and control its complexity. The most complex password policy is set by default, but you can change it in the platform settings. And if you suddenly forget your password, you can easily restore it by email.


It was the list of recent changes in the Artkraft Marketing Platform. Our aim is to make your work easier. But if you find any updates confusing or difficult, please contact us. We will answer all your questions.







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Author: Lyudmila Kovalenko






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