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Altcraft Platform Updates: New Scenario Editor and Quick Template Selection

New tools have been introduced in Altcraft Platform. In the article, we talk about the new scenario editor, bin and bulk operations and more.

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Updates of Altcraft Platform: Pop-ups, Tag Manager and Image Gallery

New tools have been introduced in Altcraft Platform. In this article, we talk about Pop-ups, Tag manager and updated gallery.

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7 Mistakes in Email Campaigns That Can Result in Significant Losses for You

Uncover email marketing secrets, avoid common mistakes, and optimize your strategy for maximum impact and conversions.

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From 8% to 15%: How Cuva Implemented Personalized Marketing and Achieved Better Sales Results

Seeking a right decision for your business to catch up with the competitors? Want to study what they do right now to win?

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Altcraft Platform Updates: Machine Learning, New Reports and WhatsApp

For those who have been waiting for updates in our platform for a long time.

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How to Send an Email Blast

Mail blasting is a proven way to get your message to potential customers quickly. Once you know how to do email blast, you’ll find mail blasting an easy and effective email marketing approach.

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How to Use Customer Feedback to Increase Sales

Customer feedback is important to a brand. We will tell you how to collect reviews and use them to increase sales.

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Altcraft Marketing Platform Update: Telegram Bot and Facebook Ads Manager

Today we want to tell you about the latest innovations in the platform. Perhaps you have already paid attention to these updates and you are busy using them right now.

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