Altcraft Platform Updates: Support Chat and VK Ads

Date: 2024-05-08 | Time of reading: 2 minutes (418 words)

Altcraft Platform Updates

Our team continues to develop and improve the product by adding new useful features. In this article, we will cover integration with VK Ads, a new provider in Viber, and support chat.

New Provider for Sending Messages to Viber

Previously, there was only one provider available for sending messages to Viber — Devino Telecom. With the latest update, we have added the option to send messages through SMS Traffic.

To set up integration in the main menu, open the "Integrations" section, and select the type – Viber. Select a provider for sending — Devino Telecom or SMS Traffic. Read the detailed instructions for setting up the messenger in the guide.

New Provider for Sending Messages

New Integration — VK Ads

Altcraft is expanding its list of integrations with advertising platforms. In the recent update, the platform has introduced integration with VK Ads. Now you can synchronize the data of the platform's static segments with audiences in VK Ads.

This means that you can transfer segments from the platform to VK Ads. This allows the service to leverage the profile data to identify your target audience and launch targeted ads specifically for them. Targeted advertising is a type of advertising that is displayed to social media users on the right-hand side of the page, in the news feed and stories, and is targeted to an audience with specific parameters.

Please note that to integrate with VK Ads, you need to set up the connection in the platform. Setting up the integration requires a VK Ads account with the Advertiser status that's been approved by the service. Please refer to our guide for detailed instructions on setting up the integration.

New Integration

JIVO Support Chat in Altcraft Platform

The cloud version of the platform now features JIVO Chat, enabling you to seamlessly connect with the support team directly from within the interface.

Why it is helpful:

  • Reduced question response time;

  • You can work and communicate with support chat in one window;

  • Analytics for the Altcraft team. This allows us to understand the most common difficulties faced by users.

JIVO Support Chat


This article covered the latest updates and features we've added to Altcraft Platform. We hope you're already putting these new tools to work. And our team will keep improving the platform and making marketing magic happen.

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Author: Ksenia Yugova






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