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Altcraft Platform Updates: Support Chat and VK Ads

The Altcraft Platform introduces new features. In the article, we will analyze the new integrations and the support chat.

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Altcraft Platform Updates: New Scenario Editor and Quick Template Selection

New tools have been introduced in Altcraft Platform. In the article, we talk about the new scenario editor, bin and bulk operations and more.

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Updates of Altcraft Platform: Pop-ups, Tag Manager and Image Gallery

New tools have been introduced in Altcraft Platform. In this article, we talk about Pop-ups, Tag manager and updated gallery.

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RFM Analysis: What It Is and How to Manage It

Discovering ways to better know your customers for efficient work with them?

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From 8% to 15%: How Cuva Implemented Personalized Marketing and Achieved Better Sales Results

Seeking a right decision for your business to catch up with the competitors? Want to study what they do right now to win?

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Altcraft Platform Updates: Machine Learning, New Reports and WhatsApp

For those who have been waiting for updates in our platform for a long time.

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Case Study: How PREMIER Set up Broadcasts and Automation Scenarios and Reduced the Time for Sending Campaigns to 1 Hour

Check out what results the online cinema has achieved using Altcraft Platform.

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What is Double Opt-in and How to Use It

This method helps you build a quality email list, increase email open rates and protect your brand from fines.

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