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Forecasting Marketing Trends with Data Analysis and Machine Learning

What is trend forecasting in marketing and how to use ML effectively.

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Mass Mailing: Types, Rules, and Examples

Learn how to use mass mailing campaigns and grow your email subscriber base.

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Top Email Marketing Services in 2023

Let's introduce 7 services that will make the life of email marketers easier.

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What are PWAs: Examples of Successful Implementations

Learn how PWAs seamlessly replicate mobile app experiences through browser shortcuts, offering rapid development and the potential to revolutionize traditional apps.

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WhatsApp Newsletters: How to Do It Right

WhatsApp offers its own business solutions. Use them to communicate with your customers.

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Case Study: How PREMIER Set up Broadcasts and Automation Scenarios and Reduced the Time for Sending Campaigns to 1 Hour

Check out what results the online cinema has achieved using Altcraft Platform.

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What are Webhooks

Webhooks open up endless possibilities for integration. Read about how this technology works.

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Marketing Automation for Online Education

Here are a few examples of how a good marketing automation strategy can be applied to the education sector.

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