Video Marketing for Brand Promotion: Examples of Best Practices

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Video Marketing for Brand Promotion: Best Examples

Video content is currently at the peak of its popularity and is projected to remain relevant for a long time. By 2023, the number of viewers of this format is expected to reach 3.5 billion. Horizontal and vertical videos have already been integrated into almost all marketing channels. The world's leading video platform, YouTube, attracts 2.5 billion monthly users, while TikTok engages billions of users every month.

In light of this, 96% of marketers state that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. Brands incorporate video marketing into their promotion efforts to capture audience attention, showcase their products, and increase sales.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of video promotion, explore different video formats, and showcase compelling case studies.

Video marketing: notion

Video marketing is the use of video content to promote a brand across various communication channels, including social media, dedicated platforms, and advertising.

In 2023, video marketing primarily involves adapting video content for mobile formats, as 75% of users watch videos on their phones.

Why businesses need video marketing

Video marketing is essential for businesses because it allows them to:

Capture attention: Video has a higher chance of engaging users compared to standard ads or text, taking marketing campaigns to a new level.

Build trust and humanize the brand: Video content resembles live communication, especially through live streaming where company representatives interact with the audience. Users trust the responses more when they see a real person rather than an avatar.

Expand the audience: Mass communication channels are investing in video formats to increase views and motivate users to create their own videos. Platforms also offer users content based on their interests, increasing the potential reach of your video.

Facilitate sharing and increase brand exposure: If users share your video, it will reach more potential customers. Video is everlasting content that promotes the brand itself.

Improve website SEO optimization: Having video marketing content on your website can positively impact search engine rankings, as user engagement and time spent on the webpage are considered ranking factors.

Explain products or services: Videos make it easier to visually and quickly explain even the most complex concepts. Some people immediately turn to YouTube for answers rather than Google.

Boost sales: Videos are effective at both the top and bottom of the sales funnel. They can introduce products to people for the first time through advertising or serve as the final step in the decision-making process after users have watched a product review and received an offer.

Video marketing formats

Video bannersIn advertising, a persuasive video with a text description at the bottom is added instead of a banner. Alternatively, the video becomes the sole creative element for the campaign.
Video ads inside other commercialsVideo ads of a few seconds appear at the beginning or in the middle of other videos.
Brand videosVideos on various topics that companies use in social media posts or on dedicated platforms for promotion.
Live broadcastsLive streams with users – the boldest and most open format for engaging with the audience, as nothing can be edited during the broadcast.

In terms of content, there are different types of videos:

Branding and promotional videos that showcase the company, its values, advantages, and directly or indirectly advertise its products.

Educational videos that provide instructions on how to use a product. These videos aim to inform rather than directly sell, allowing users to decide whether they want to make a purchase or not.

Informative or expert videos that address specific problems that can be solved using the brand's product. These marketing videos build trust and demonstrate the brand team's expertise in a particular field.

User-generated videos, which are created by users either voluntarily or as part of paid advertising. For example, a cosmetic review by a popular influencer can be useful for brand promotion.

How to shoot a video for video marketing

Any video from a brand should be part of the marketing strategy because video marketing makes no sense if it's disconnected from business goals.

Here's how to approach creating a marketing video:

  1. Set a goal that aligns with your overall marketing strategy. Determine the purpose of the video, whether it's to drive sales, expand the audience, and so on. Define metrics upfront to measure the video's success, such as the number of inquiries, views, shares, etc.

  2. Decide which stage of the sales funnel the video is intended for: the initial stage for "cold" prospects, the consideration stage for comparing different options, or the decision stage after prospects have made a decision.

  3. Choose the marketing platforms that are suitable for video distribution. Video marketing works well on social media platforms, through messenger apps, and via email. Select platforms where your target audience is present.

  4. Calculate the video budget, taking into account production costs, equipment, location fees, and any necessary professional services.

  5. Write a script and provide detailed descriptions of the desired locations and props for the shoot.

  6. Decide whether to hire a professional team or shoot the video in-house using your own resources.

  7. Shoot and edit the video. With the right script and proper preparation, the filming process will go smoothly.

How to prepare for shooting a video

Examples of successful video marketing

Dove: Real Beauty Sketches

Dove's "Real Beauty Sketches" video campaign was a groundbreaking and powerful initiative that aimed to challenge society's perception of beauty. The campaign featured an experiment where a forensic sketch artist drew portraits of women based solely on their self-descriptions, as well as descriptions from strangers. The stark contrast between the two sketches highlighted how women often perceive themselves as less attractive than they actually are. The emotional and thought-provoking video aimed to promote self-acceptance and redefine beauty standards, resonating with millions of viewers worldwide. The campaign garnered widespread acclaim for its empowering message and successfully sparked conversations about body image and self-esteem.

Google Earth: Homeward Bound

The Homeward Bound marketing campaign with Saroo video is a captivating and emotional promotional effort by Google Earth. The video follows the remarkable real-life journey of Saroo Brierley, who used Google Earth to find his way back home after being separated from his family at a young age. The campaign beautifully highlights the power and potential of Google Earth as a tool for reconnection and navigation. Through stunning visuals and Saroo's personal narrative, the video effectively conveys the message of hope, resilience, and the transformative impact technology can have on people's lives. It serves as a compelling testament to the capabilities and significance of Google Earth as a global mapping and exploration platform.

Budweiser: Some Waits For You At Home

The "Some Waits For You At Home" video campaign by Budweiser is a heartwarming and touching advertisement that resonates with viewers. The campaign focuses on the story of a dog who eagerly waits for its owner to return home after a long day at work. The video beautifully captures the unconditional love and loyalty between a pet and its human companion. With emotional music and cinematic storytelling, the campaign evokes a strong emotional response, emphasizing the importance of home and the joy of being reunited with loved ones. Budweiser effectively utilizes this emotional connection to highlight their brand as a symbol of relaxation, comfort, and cherished moments spent at home.

Always: Like A Girl

The "LikeAGirl" video campaign by Always is a powerful and thought-provoking initiative aimed at challenging gender stereotypes and empowering young girls. The campaign addresses the negative connotations associated with the phrase "like a girl" and aims to redefine it as a symbol of strength, confidence, and resilience. Through a series of interviews and demonstrations, the video showcases how society's perception of what it means to do things "like a girl" changes as children grow older. By highlighting the impact of stereotypes on girls' self-esteem, the campaign encourages viewers to reconsider their own biases and promote gender equality. It serves as an inspiring call-to-action to support and uplift girls, empowering them to embrace their abilities and rewrite societal narratives.


Video marketing is the use of videos in advertising campaigns to increase brand visibility. Videos capture users' attention, promote company products, and drive sales.

They can be used as advertising creatives or stand-alone content in brand's social media channels. There are various types of videos, including brand image videos, promotional videos, expert videos from the company, and user-generated videos where customers share their reviews or product testimonials.

Marketing videos are created in the context of the overall marketing strategy and support its goals. It is important to tailor the videos to the platform where they will be published to effectively reach the target audience.







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