Survey & Form Creation Services: Which One to Choose

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Survey & Form Creation Services: Which One to Choose

Business operates for customers, so it must listen to audience opinions about the product and company service. Online surveys are a way to gather feedback from users quickly, easily, and without taking much of their time.

Companies conduct customer surveys in various ways: through voting, comments, filling out questionnaires, via email marketing, or website forms. The method and platform depend on the goals and capabilities of the company.

To make an online survey useful and data easy to collect and classify, brands opt for specialized services. Online tools provide simple forms where the company's marketer enters necessary fields and questions.

In this article, we will talk about popular survey creation services, their features, advantages, and differences.

Examples of Online Services for Form Creation and Surveys

Google Forms

The most well-known and straightforward tool used as a survey service. The form includes options for multiple-choice answers, dropdown lists, or text input fields. The survey's appearance can be customized to fit corporate style, and data can be easily shared with colleagues.

Additionally, Google Forms offer statistical tools in the form of diagrams to monitor real-time results.

It also features response verification, such as email input and other parameters. Creating a survey takes just a few minutes, and the form link can be added to social media posts, emails, or websites.

Creating a survey in Google Forms

Yandex Forms

Yandex offers its own form constructor to create surveys for working with clients and employees.

Yandex Forms is convenient for customer satisfaction surveys, collecting employee opinions, technical support inquiries, event registration, and managing personal tasks, easily shareable with colleagues.

The online survey adapts to your requirements, offering answer fields in test format (multiple options), open text input, rating scales, and more. Questions can be customized based on user actions. For instance, if someone indicates they have no children, subsequent questions about their ages are hidden. This demonstrates effective customer survey personalization, enhancing overall efficiency.


An online survey service equipped for collecting feedback, customer satisfaction data, and other information for marketing and various purposes.

It positions itself as straightforward software. To create an online survey, simply choose from over a hundred templates and add the desired design. Multimedia files can be added, and customization for your brand is available.

Survio offers 19 question types, providing diversity in your internet survey. Clients can respond using star ratings, numerical values, sliders with scales, and more.

All data is displayed in BI dashboards, tables, and graphs. Here, it is possible to segment responses based on relevant criteria.

Web Ask

This tool is needed to create your own test with your own questions, conduct surveys, voting, quizzes, or receive feedback. Surveys can be created in five minutes from a ready-made template or developed with a custom design.

There are also ready-made forms, already customized for various business directions. For example, surveys among customers about taxi service, travel agencies, cafes, and more. The form is flexible and follows the logic of responses: unnecessary questions are removed, which means personalization is in effect. There is also insurance against forgetfulness: if a respondent forgets to complete the survey, the data will still be sent to the common database.

Creating a survey in Web Ask

The service integrates with Google tools, messengers, CRM, and guarantees security. There are free and paid tariffs with different degrees of limitation on the number of surveys and other parameters.


Survey software with an intuitive interface and automatic result processing. Suitable for marketing and HR research within the company.

The service combines functionality for studying customer loyalty, brand recognition, and also sends email and SMS distributions.

For surveys in Testograf timers, progress indicators, the ability to add hints, and other features are available. You can choose a form from ready-made templates or create one yourself. The service promises high stability and data protection for users.


The service supports themed survey templates in various areas: marketing, HR, product creation, customer satisfaction, product feedback, or creative endeavors.

Typeform offers a survey builder, quizzes, and even registration forms for lead generation. The service stands out with stylish template designs, offering over three thousand even in the free plan.

Survey templates within Typeform

If you lack survey ideas, the service suggests leveraging artificial intelligence. A robot will offer solutions after analyzing your brand's website, which you can integrate into the registration form.

AI powered survey creation in Typeform


This service offers 22 question variations and ready-made templates for creating surveys. While lacking diverse designs, it provides sufficient ready-to-use forms for exploring customer opinions on advertising effectiveness, banners, product consumption specifics, website design assessment, packaging, and more.

Questionnaire template in Anketolog

Surveys operate through links or ready-made widgets and can be constructed online in the cloud or on your own server (in which case, a package purchase is required).

The platform's distinctive feature is its proprietary audience of respondents in Russia and the CIS, willing to participate in studies for a specific fee. This is suitable for companies lacking a sufficient sample size for their own surveys.


A tool where standard customer survey forms are available, along with examples for creating bug trackers, interview registrations, and more. Research is customizable and can be flexibly configured to meet the company's needs.

Simpoll has a very simple interface for the builder, where restrictions (survey duration) are set immediately, a template or an option to create from scratch is chosen. Styles, colors, and other elements are configured in the forms.

The survey is embedded on the website or shared through a link via email, messengers, and other communication channels.

Forms and surveys in Altcraft Platform

Altcraft Platform's forms offer a simple and flexible way to create surveys, questionnaires, and feedback forms. In the intuitive editor, you'll find various question formats tailored to your needs, including single or multiple-choice options, character limits for responses, and rating scales.

Key advantages of using Altcraft Platform for survey creation:

  • Mandatory fields for obtaining comprehensive customer information.

  • Customization of surveys, questionnaires, and forms to match your brand style. Background and text colors can be adjusted, and images and even YouTube videos can be added.

  • Smart logic that adds or removes relevant questions based on user responses.

  • Automatic import of responses into the database and the ability to export results to CSV or MS Excel.

  • Analytical tools for a visual assessment of data, including charts and line graphs.

How to create a form or survey in Altcraft Platform

Navigate to the "Forms" section and click "Create" to access the page for entering survey or form parameters. Provide details such as title, description, duration, and post-submission message.

General settings of forms in Altcraft Platform

In the "Constructor" tab, add field options for responses and questions, including single or multiple-choice, drop-down lists, text, file uploads, range indicators, and other types.

Constructor of forms in Altcraft Platform

Proceed to the "Appearance" tab to customize the survey style. Adjust color, text size, and font for text and buttons.

Appearance of forms in Altcraft Platform

Configure post-submission actions, such as importing into the database or sending notifications to a specific email. The database is extended from surveys using email, Message ID, or additional fields. That is, the data will not be lost and will go to the right customer profile.

Profiles import via forms in Altcraft Platforms

In the "Logic" tab, visually set the sequence of pages with questions and fields by dragging icons into the desired order. Set conditions for transitioning to the next question.

Setting logic of forms in Altcraft Platform

Once the form is ready, activate it by clicking "Enable." Obtain the link and HTML code for sharing in the "Share" tab.

Share tab for forms in Altcraft Platform

View survey results in the "Insights" section or the "Collected Data" tab.


Forms for conducting surveys are essential to simplify receiving feedback from customers, handling inquiries, and conducting research. Online services offer various options for collecting data through the creation of forms, including multiple-choice questions, rating scales, and free-text fields. Customization of surveys to match your brand, setting response logic, and visual analytics are also possible.

Popular services include Google Forms, Yandex Forms, Survio, Web Ask, Testograf, Typeform, Анкетолог, Simpoll. These platforms offer both free and paid plans, survey templates, and flexible settings.

In Altcraft Platform, surveys and forms are created using an intuitive builder. The platform's advantage lies in data integration into customer profiles, providing a comprehensive user overview.







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