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How BNB Bank Increased Transaction Activity by 36%

About the results achieved during the cooperation between BNB Bank and Altcraft Platform.

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How Uzum Reduced Push Notification Opt-Out Rates by 23% and Started Saving 20 Working Hours per Week

Read how the Uzum reduced the bounce rate of push notifications and saved 20 working hours per week.

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How AlfaStrakhovanie Group Increased CRM Marketing Profit by 714% in 4 Years

Read how the insurance company increased repeat sales and subscriber engagement through marketing automation.

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From 8% to 15%: How Cuva Implemented Personalized Marketing and Achieved Better Sales Results

Seeking a right decision for your business to catch up with the competitors? Want to study what they do right now to win?

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Case Study: How PREMIER Set up Broadcasts and Automation Scenarios and Reduced the Time for Sending Campaigns to 1 Hour

Check out what results the online cinema has achieved using Altcraft Platform.

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How Altcraft Marketing Helped AlfaStrakhovanie Group Increase Subsequent Sales by 49%

In our new article we describe how marketing automation and Altcraft Marketing platform helped AlfaStrakhovanie group increase subsequent sales by 49%.

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Case: How Otkritie Broker JSC Has Automated Communications with Clients Using Alcraft Marketing Platform

In our new article we describe how Otkritie Broker JSC has fully automated its marketing with the help of Altcraft Marketing platform.

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Marketing Automation With Altcraft. Case: Marketing Agency

Not a single company would like to waste its funds on inefficient marketing. Automation could improve a company’s performance and increase the profit.

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