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Top 6 Web and Mobile Push Notification Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Push notifications are a marketing tool that can help you drive user traffic, stimulate engagement and boost user conversion. But they can only work for the benefit of your business when done right.

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Mobile Marketing 101: Push Notifications

Enter mobile push notifications – a new-age marketing tool with the ability to revolutionize the way you engage with and retain customers, whether potential, existing, or lapsed.

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An In-Depth Guide on Web Push Notifications

Web push notifications are contextual, timely, personalized messages featuring a quick-to-the-point alert or call to action. Businesses use these messages to drive engagement back to the website.

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The risk of inappropriate (careless) usage of Push Notifications might be explained by their being the cheapest way to deliver information to the end-user. Let's try to understand.

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