Mail Server: Why You Need One and the Benefits of Having Your Own

Date: 2023-04-07 | Time of reading: 5 minutes (909 words)

A mail server is a program that transmits electronic messages from one device to another. In this article, we will consider why an email server is needed, what protocols exist, the advantages of having your own mail server, methods for creating corporate email, and also the specifics of mass mailings.

Why you need a mail server

The mail server provides instant email delivery over the internet, where the system of information storage is well-organized. The most common mail servers are Gmail, Outlook, etc.

An important element of this system is the email client. The scheme of its work is as follows: a person logs into the client, writes a message, which goes to the server and then is sent to the recipient.

Email servers are usually used for individual purposes or mass mailing.

What email system protocols are used for

To ensure proper delivery of emails and guarantee security, the following email protocols are used:

  • IMAP - transfers emails from the server to the recipient. Messages remain on the recipient's server, which is very convenient. The requests to the server are high because a large amount of information needs to be implemented without reducing the quality. IMAP is recommended as it is considered the most reliable.

  • POP3 - performs the same function as IMAP. The difference is that POP3 saves data to the device's memory. When the recipient clicks to view the email, the protocol immediately erases it from the server. This is inconvenient for the user, as they will have to regularly delete unnecessary information.

  • SMTP - created to complement the previous two. It sends the email to the server and then to the recipient.

Benefits of creating a personal mail server

Most companies prefer to create their own server instead of using well-known ones. This solves the following important tasks:

  • organizing communication between employees;
  • mass mailing to customers.

What are the advantages of a personal server? First of all, it provides security of customer personal information. Well-known external servers are large-scale systems on the network with their own methods of protecting data. However, by using them, you cannot be sure that confidential information will not fall into the wrong hands. Small firms can use popular services for safe communication with consumers, as their degree of protection is sufficient. Data protection is especially important for government institutions, banks, and enterprises where valuable information is carefully guarded.

Also, an organization with a personal server can operate even without access to the internet. If there are problems with the internet, the internal network ensures uninterrupted operation.

In addition, a personal server significantly saves traffic for sending large volumes of information.

How to create a business email

A personal server is a good choice, but there are other ways to implement communication within a company. Let's look at the methods of creating a business email. Remember that your decision depends on the characteristics of the company, its goals, size, budget, and other factors.

Free email service

Email service provided by one of well-known email servers allows performing common functions such as communication with customers, document flow, etc. This method is usually used for personal purposes, but it is also worth considering for small businesses starting out due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The main advantages of this choice include ease of use and saving money. However, the disadvantages include limited storage space, unreliable security, and the lack of a personal domain name with the brand's name.

Email on a domain

In this option, you register a domain with your company name and create email in a convenient service. The domain with the company name does not change, but the name before the "@" sign shows different information - the department name, employee surname, etc. For example, news@skyteach.com or makarov@organization.com. When the email address includes a brand, the reader understands right away who the email is from. The advantages of having an email on a domain are low cost (you only need to pay for the domain, and email services are usually free), and wide functionality. The disadvantages include dependence on the server.

Below there is an example of creating a professional email with Google Domains

Creating a professional email address with Google DomainsCreating a professional email address with Google Domains

A server of your own

In this option, you have both a server and a domain, so the work is configured specifically for your company: setting up forwarding rules, storage limits, and more. In case of failures, you can always identify the source of the problem and quickly restore the system. The downside is the high cost of equipment and personnel.

Mail server for mass mailing

When setting up mass mailing, a special approach is required because it has its own specifics. For example, the main goal is to send a message, while the availability of advanced statistics, the ability to reject incoming messages, and other features are also important. Setting up this system on your own will be difficult as it requires a large amount of resources. Many organizations rely on third-party companies or specialized services for this matter.


A mail server implements email message delivery. Its main components are the mail client and protocols.

There are three methods of creating email for business: free email on well-known services, email on your own domain, and a personal server, which can be configured to meet the needs of a particular company. The main advantage of a personal server is the ability to provide protection for confidential information and configure operations according to the specific needs of the business.

For mass mailings, a mail server requires a significant investment, so it is more logical to rely on the help of professionals or use special services.







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