AK-Pixel — a Tool to Gather and Enrich Information about Customers

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«Who owns information owns the world».

These words said in the 19-th century are relevant nowadays though approaches to information gathering, storage, use and protection have changed.

Amount of data about customers, its details and relevance determines the success of your communication and marketing campaign. Being a developer of an omnichannel platform for marketing automation we approach data gathering seriously.

Altcraft platform gathers, enriches and updates information in databases by means of AK-Pixel technology. The technology is described in this article.

AK-pixel can gather and enrich information about registered customers as well as about potential ones.

This information is:

  • Geodata - customer’s location and timezone.
  • Interests - information about visited website and/or mobile application pages.
  • Achievement of customer’s specific goal on the website, mobile application or in a message of a communication channel (email, sms, web push, mobile push).
  • Information about customer’s browser and operating system.

AK-pixel use cases

Each Pixel is responsible for its aim and immediately transfers information about customer action.

Option №1

JavaScript enables the transmission of information in case of desired actions on the page.User ID gets information about their actions on the website page regardless of whether their actions would bring to page reloading or following the links.

<script src="https://trk.eu.altkraft.com/cdn/pixel.js" async></script>

The task:

Trace customer’s actions on the website page.

For example, a customer can choose one of several targeted actions on the website: the size of the discount or stylists’ assistance.

AK-pixel-primer (2).png


By placing a pixel for each action on the site we are able to enrich customer information. AK-pixel transfers information about customer’s interests to the platform.

Option №2

This code helps to trace the information when the page is reloading and that gives an opportunity to learn about visited web pages or mobile application page.

<img src="http://trk.eu.altkraft.com/pixel?k=dg2k55uX2WEw9K6oUTxTGN9uetLKEB5VswJ5RMHozyjNbQDRBKP2hWb&s=cd736e2ecf07e697&tags=Eniki,Beniki,Eli,Vareniki" style="display: none;">

The task:

To trace interest to a certain webpage or mobile application.

For example, we start a new promo and place its banner on the main webpage and in the mobile application. Our task is to trace interest to the promotion.


Place a pixel, which allows to trace page load and send automatically the following information to the platform:

  • Information about the total number of clicks on this promo.
  • Information about the number of clickthroughs from the mobile application and website.
  • Enrich information in a customer’s profile about their interest to theis promo.

Option №3

Trace information during clickthroughs. In this case a web-developer can get information about customer’s interest to the internal website links as well as the links to the partners’ websites.

<a href="http://trk.eu.altkraft.com/pixel?k=dg2k55uX2WEw9K6oUTxTGN9uetLKEB5VswJ5RMHozyjNbQDRBKP2hWb&s=cd736e2ecf07e697&redirect_url=http%3A%2F%2Fgoogle.com%3Fq%3Daltkraft&tags=Eniki,Beniki,Eli,Vareniki">Click!</a>

The task:

Trace customer clicks on a link or links placed on partner’s websites, or clicks on any messages through any communication channels (email, sms, web push, mobile push).

For example, we work with partner’s websites and we need to track what exactly interests customers who follow the link to our site. We also an track customers interests on our partners’ sites.

pixel-email (2).png


Place a pixel which gathers information if a customer has followed a link or several links. Gather information about total amount of clickthroughs.

How AK-Pixel functions are realized in the platform

You can configure a pixel in the main menu of the platform setting appropriate parameters and choosing a list (a list of customers) for the specified condition.

new-pixel (2).png

It is necessary to set an aim for each AK-pixel. It will allow to segment customers in details, while planning your marketing campaign. The platform makes it possible to analyse a report for each Pixel for a definite period of time.

pixel_list_reportGeneral report on Pixels for a certain list of customers

pixel_tag_reportA report on a certain aim

To sum up,

AK-pixel technology gathers information about customers’ actions and interests on your website or your partners’ site, in messages through different communication channels (email, sms, web push, mobile push). The main difference from similar solutions is that all gathered data is stored on your server without transferring it to third parties.

To see AK-pixel from the inside and check its possibilities, leave your email.


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Author: Daria Yarceva

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