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Altcraft Platform Updates: New Scenario Editor and Quick Template Selection

New tools have been introduced in Altcraft Platform. In the article, we talk about the new scenario editor, bin and bulk operations and more.

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Updates of Altcraft Platform: Pop-ups, Tag Manager and Image Gallery

New tools have been introduced in Altcraft Platform. In this article, we talk about Pop-ups, Tag manager and updated gallery.

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Altcraft Platform Updates: Machine Learning, New Reports and WhatsApp

For those who have been waiting for updates in our platform for a long time.

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Altcraft Platform Update: Market and Form Logic

Market, complex form logic, ClickHouse — read about these and other updates in Altcraft Platform.

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Altcraft Marketing Platform Update: Telegram Bot and Facebook Ads Manager

Today we want to tell you about the latest innovations in the platform. Perhaps you have already paid attention to these updates and you are busy using them right now.

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Altcraft Marketing Platform Updates: Rich Push and Forms

We're excited to tell you about cool Altcraft Marketing platform updates.

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Meet the New Altсraft User Interface

Now we are glad to inform you: the new release is ready and running - as a cloud solution or as a package for on-premises deployment!

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