People-Based Marketing

Date: 2017-11-14 | Time of reading: 1 minute (280 words)


People-Based Marketing is a «Holy Grail» of marketers. What differs it from other technologies that have been used before today? Let’s take a closer look!

It’s the case when the name speaks for itself: «People-Based Marketing» is people oriented:

ak-voronka-people-based-marketing (1).png

  • first, it creates a marketing system focused on a certain customer not on all customers;
  • second, behavioral real-time data is combined with personal;
  • third, from a technical viewpoint it is based on targeting with the use of IPs or cookies.

For example, company «X» has one or several IP addresses. Knowing them you can easily identify your target audience and deliver your ad message precisely, fast and cheap. Probably, it was the reason why in 2015 90% of marketing specialists called People-Based Marketing a perfect mechanism, especially for B2B marketing (according to the «SiriusDecisions»).

And, finally, People-Based Marketing uses all available channels for customer communications, sending only relevant data. It’s a kind of basis for omnichannel marketing.

56% of customers are more loyal to those sellers who understand their priorities and preferences.

More than 37% of customers have several mobile devices - a smartphone, a notebook, a PC and a tablet.

87% of customers are using more than one device for choosing goods or services.

So, People-Based Marketing can help you to track and assess customer behaviour on different channels and devices and understand the way they interact with your shop (goods or services) and which communication channels give more measurable results.

ALTKRAFT Marketing Platform is a tool that helps to use People-Based Marketing in your business. AK-Pixel technology gathers information about your customers’ behaviour. Messages sent through communication channels (email, sms, push mobile or web push) will help your customers to make the right choice.


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Author: Daria Yarceva

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