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Unite all customer data sources into CDP Altcraft Marketing

Altcraft Marketing automation platform collects and unites all data from different sources and keeps it into a unified customer profile. You no longer have to waste time preparing data manually: it will already be processed and combined. Set up high-quality targeted ads and enjoy the results!

Launch marketing scenarios without IT involvement

Give your marketing a new lease of life! Free yourself from constant approvals with IT. Together with the Altcraft Marketing platform, it will be easy to carry out experiments and automate your sales scenarios. Save your time, money and nerves.

Increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases

Personalization has become an essential attribute of any message today. Regular personal letters to the right communication channel are the best way to get a loyal audience. In the Altcraft Marketing platform, you can customize surveys, game mechanics and give promo codes to your customers. Altcraft Marketing is an unlimited messaging solution.

Analyze results and optimize your business strategy

Detailed real-time analytics, LifeTime Value and Сohort analysis will help you to optimize your strategy and achieve high KPIs. If our analytics tools are not enough for you, just forward any events from the platform to external BI systems using webhooks.

Why businesses choose Altcraft Marketing

Daria Solntseva

Head of CRM department
My team was tasked to find a CRM system for setting up targeted multi-channel communication with users of Yandex.Money and Yandex.Checkout. The choice fell on Altcraft Marketing Platform – it met all the technical and business requirements defined by the project analysts. The Altcraft team was directly concerned by developing a scheme for integrating the platform with Yandex.Money internal system. As well as in the implementation of the scheme. My colleagues took a proactive position. They answered our questions and organized training along the way – this helped me and the team in further work with the system. At the moment, Altcraft CRM is fully operational and covers 100% of the needs of the marketing team in direct channels and related analytics. Upcoming plans for the development of the platform within Yandex.Money are extensive and ambitious. We look forward to further fruitful cooperation with our colleagues from Altcraft.

Tune your marketing for maximum performance!