Case: How Otkritie Broker JSC Has Automated Communications with Clients Using Alcraft Marketing Platform

Date: 2018-04-15 | Time of reading: 4 minutes (806 words)

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Otkritie Broker Joint Stock Company is a part of Otkritie Bank Group. Otkritie Bank is the seventh largest bank in Russia by assets. It is also included in the list of the country's systemically important credit institutions.

Otkritie Broker JSC has been operating since 1995. It has become the best brokerage company for retail investors. In 2010, the National Rating Agency assigned Otkritie Broker the maximum reliability rating of AAA. Since then, the company has annually confirmed it.

Input data

Otkritie Broker has been developing email marketing since 2012. One of the cloud services was connected, but the company faced some problems in working with personal data of clients.

Three years later, the company was faced with the following issues:

  • How to combine mailings?
  • What is the best way to send emails?
  • How to implement a communication policy?

After conducting a survey, Otkritie Broker set itself the task of finding a suitable platform for automating communications. The following criteria were used by the company in selecting the platform:

  • ability to integrate with existing systems;
  • country of development/support;
  • on-premises software to keep all data within the company's network;
  • report formats;
  • additional features.

The Altcraft Marketing Platform fully met the company's requirements, after which the company purchased access and deployed the soft successfully on its own hardware.


Due to the fact that Otkritie Broker has just started to automate its marketing, the company has set itself a small task: the minimum possible improvements in the current situation through automation.

What was done

Marketers synchronized all current available data with the platform. Now all contact information about customers is stored in one place.

The Altcraft team has integrated the SMS gateway and SQL data tables that the customer already had. Thus, specialists now have the opportunity to work with familiar communication channels and CRM.

Multi-subscriptions were implemented for each customer profile within one database. Initially, information about customers and their subscriptions were stored in different places. In the platform, Otkritie Broker created a single database with subscriptions to different resources.

Moderation of messages appeared. Thanks to this, the corporate mail got rid of spam, links to dubious sites and other unnecessary notifications.

The access rights for different specialists to edit letter templates were segregated. For example, a copywriter can write text, but only a marketer can send it.

The communication policy in the platform allowed assigning restrictions on communications. Now the maximum number of contacts with the client is made for a certain period of time without exceeding the limit.


The company was looking for a tool for marketing automation to centralize all communications in a single platform and work with large amount of client data within the corporate network. And Altcraft has provided Otkritie Broker with this opportunity.

Using the platform, the company launched triggers based on client data and personalized email messages. After sending the first full trigger, Otkritie Broker received the following results:

  • the indicators of micro-personalized communications have increased: Open rate increased to 75%, Click rate - 27%;
  • traffic via email channel increased to 27%;
  • 26% of clients were reactivated via emails.

Thanks to the use of the built-in email template editor, Otkritie Broker was able to create more than 20 email templates that could be changed when new products appeared. In the end, we managed to achieve good results:

  • Open rate — 75%;
  • Click rate — 49%;
  • more than two readings of the letter per client.

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On the New Year's Eve Otkritie Broker personally congratulated clients on the holiday. As a result, the Open rate was 36%, and many customers responded, noting that it was a positive experience .

For six months of work Otkritie Broker has received a high KPI and recouped the expenses.

Overall performance:

  • Open rate — 49%;
  • Click rate — 20%;
  • the annual cost of using the platform has paid off for three months of use;
  • 15% of all raised funds from clients came thanks to e-mail messages;
  • time for campaign preparation was reduced by 3 times.

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As a result, Otkritie Broker has fully automated marketing processes. The company configured the sending of email messages through the AKMTA gateway built into the Altcraft Marketing platform. Marketers began to launch promotions and give promotional codes, set up push-notifications. The AK-pixel was placed on the website and the distance learning portal.

So, if you want to automate your marketing, but do not know where to start, write us an email and we will find a solution together.







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