Updates of Altcraft Platform: Pop-ups, Tag Manager and Image Gallery

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Platform Updates: Pop-ups, Tag Manager and Image Gallery

Altcraft Platform is committed to development: the appearance of Pop-up windows and Tag manager, also updating the gallery. Introducing new tools in the platform will help you collect leads and also easily make changes on the site using the Tag manager.

Today we will tell you more about the updates to our platform.

Tag Manager

Altcraft Tag Manager is a tool to help online marketers. It allows you to manage HTML tags and JavaScript code without involving developers. You'll be able to create, add and update code fragments on your site to track user's activity and feed data into the platform. Our manager works similarly to Google Tag Manager.

Today we will tell you more about the updates to our platform.

A container is a wrapper where all tags, triggers and variables are stored. This is the main code that is added to the site and is responsible for activating tags.

A tag is a fragment of a code that performs a specific function (for example, displaying a pop-up to site visitors).

A trigger is a specific condition for a tag to fire. For example, a trigger could be a button click or a page loading.

A variable is a parameter to which values are passed. It is used in both triggers and tags.

The appereance of Tag manager we will show you later

Pop-up windows

What is a pop-up? It is a window that appears on a site on top of the main content. It is necessary to attract the user’s attention and encourage him to take a targeted action: subscribing to a newsletter, offering a discount or promotion, collecting applications, etc.

You can create a pop-up in a visual editor. You can place a code of a finished pop-up on your website pages. An easier option is to use Tag manager. Tag manager's triggers will help you quickly set up conditions for a pop-up to appear on your site.

How to create a pop-up

Go to the “Weblayer” section, select “Pop-ups” and create a new pop-up:

Creating a pop-up in Altcraft Platform

Next, you have several types of pop-up available:

  • A pop-up modal appears in the center of the screen and attracts a user's attention as it darkens the background of the web page. As a rule, it is needed to collect email contacts;
  • A floating bar is located at the top or bottom of the page. Visible on a screen even when scrolling a page. Suitable for informing users about news or special offers;
  • A slider appears in the lower right corner of a browser. It is the least intrusive and does not interfere with viewing the content of the site. It is a small window for displaying additional information, suggestions or feedback forms;
  • A page takeover takes up the entire screen. Site users will definitely not miss this information.

Choosing the type of pop-up window in a business automation platform

The platform already has several templates ready. Select any of them, and then change the design, text and other elements of the pop-up in the editor.

Choosing a template for a pop-up and changing its design

Next, go to the “Actions” section. Here you can configure the import of users who filled out the pop-up form into the profile database.

Ability to customize user import

All that remains is to publish your pop-up on the site. There are two ways to do it. First way is adding a script to a site page manually or adding a script through a Tag manager. The second way is easier because it allows you to place a container code once on a website page. All further settings are specified in the platform interface.

How to add a pop-up to a website using Tag manager

To add a script using the Tag manager, save a pop-up and go to the “Appearance” section. Click the Bind button and select a container. Enter a tag name, set activation settings and restrictions. Next, select a trigger (a condition for triggering the tag).

Trigger selection example

Save a tag. The specified condition for displaying a pop-up will be displayed in the “Appearance” section.

Setting up a popup on a website using Tag manager

Save a pop-up and publish it. Go to the linked container and click Publish. Select Publishing and creating a new version. Ready!

Saving and publishing pop-ups using Altcraft Platform

You can analyze the results by pop-ups in the “Analytics” section.

Pop-up analytics section available in Altcraft Platform

Gallery update

The platform's gallery interface has been updated. Folders have appeared for more convenient organization of images. You can also now select multiple objects and delete or download them.

New version of the gallery in Altcraft Platform


We talked about the latest updates to our platform. We hope these new tools will help you improve your marketing strategy. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share with us. We are always happy to receive feedback.







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Author: Natalia Makarova






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