Altcraft Platform Update: Market and Form Logic

Date: 2022-02-17 | Time of reading: 5 minutes (962 words)

Market and Form Logic

When was the last time we shared updates to the Altcraft platform? Half year ago? It's time to talk about our new features.


We have developed a new module — “Market”. Now you can import product and order data from your online store into the platform.

First of all, add products to the platform. To do this, you need a yml file containing product data. Go to the “Products” section and upload the file to the platform. Another option is to use an API request.

Next, you can use products to create an order. It is better to import orders through API requests. Order data is displayed in the customer’s digital profile.

Profile ordersOrder information is stored in the customer profile

Well, products and orders are imported into the market. What’s next? Use new data to communicate with your customers. For example, set up a trigger to change the order status. The following settings of the trigger emails let you send a message to the buyer as soon as he completes his order on the website.

Trigger for adding an orderThe trigger fires when the order status changes

Don’t forget to personalize your email by inserting order information into the template. To do this, add dynamic variables in the HTML editor:

In addition, you can use market data to segment subscribers. For example, select customers who ordered more than $200 in the past month and give them reward points for being active.

Market segmentation

Complex logic in building forms

Our team continues to develop the “Forms” module. This time we've added complex logic that redirects the user to different form pages based on his previous answers.

For example, you want to survey students of an online course. The course offers two tariff plans: "Standard" and "Premium". On the first page, the respondent is asked the question: “What tariff plan do you use?”. If he selects "Standard", he goes to a page with questions that relate to the functionality available on this particular plan.

Complex logic form

Thus, the complex logic in building forms and surveys allows you to collect more accurate and relevant data.

A few more bonuses. The first one is adding the "Multiple Choice" field to the form builder. Previously, a respondent could only select multiple options from a drop-down list. But, you see, it is not always clear that you can choose more than one answer in the list. Another disadvantage is that the user had to make an extra click. The “Multiple Choice” field makes it easy to select multiple answers.

Multiple choiceExample of multiple choice in Altcraft Platform

The second bonus is the ability to send form completion data to an email address. Enter your email and as soon as the user submits the completed form, you will receive an email notification. The letter will contain information about which form was completed and the user's responses.

Email notification of form completion

Uploading segments to Yandex.Audience

Last time we told you about integration with Facebook Ads Manager. We continue to delve into this area and have already established integration with Yandex.Audience. This service allows you to launch advertising campaigns aimed at the right group of customers. The principle of operation is the same as with Facebook audiences.

You are transferring client data from Altcraft Platform segments to Yandex.Audience. The service automatically compares the received information with the data it has and finds matches. As a result, you have a ready segment for retargeting.

We don't stop there. Soon you will be able to upload segments to Google Audience and myTarget.

New field type in a customer profile

When you create a database in the platform, you set up system and additional fields. Additional fields store important information that is known about each client: his preferences, contract dates, bonus points, etc.

We have added new types of additional fields — object and array. An array is suitable for storing subtables. Such tables may contain information about the managers working with the client, or a list of contracts. If you need to store complex data structures or a set of flags in the database, use an object.

Additional JSON fields

JSON fields solve the problem with an excessive number of fields of the same type in the database.

Switching profile history storage to Clickhouse

Altcraft Platform has a powerful analytics system. A summary report, cohort analysis, LTV and other tools allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns at any time.

However, as companies grow, so does the amount of customer data. To increase the speed of processing a large amount of data, we have transferred the profile history storage to ClickHouse.

ClickHouse is a column-based database management system for fast processing of analytical SQL queries in real time. Now analytical queries in the Altcraft platform run faster, which means you spend less time generating reports.

It is worth noting that this is only the first step towards moving all analytics to ClickHouse. The plans are to give users the opportunity to build customizable reports.


We hope you are already using the updated functionality of Altcraft Platform with might and main. If you have any suggestions or ideas for improvements, please contact us. Meanwhile, our team will continue to work on improving the platform so that you can bring your ideas to life.







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Author: Polina Zakaryan






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