Create effective loyalty programs

Customer care is the best marketing strategy

4 reasons why loyal customers are important for business:

  • They recommend your company to friends and bring new clients
  • They will spend more than other clients
  • They help your company when it needs it
  • They will stand up for your brand

Give promo codes to customers

  • General or personal promotional codes
  • Promo codes can be sent to any channel
  • Promo codes are generated according to a specified format
  • Promo codes can be generated via external API services
  • You can also import existing codes from files

Gamify your customer activities

  • Social mechanics (likes/dislikes/followers)
  • Earning points for inviting a friend
  • Email-quests

Suggest your ideas and we will implement them for you.

Track customer LTV

Customer loyalty can be measured by Lifetime Value. Altcraft Marketing will automatically calculate LTV based on the results of all communications and customer activities. This allows you to optimize your marketing strategy.