Omnichannel marketing will be under your control in one place

Create your own omnichannel strategy

Customers want to interact with brands anytime and anywhere. Today, online users use more than three channels to buy, so omnichannel marketing will make your business more efficient. Combine your website, mobile app, email and sms, social networks and other channels in a single omnichannel strategy managed by Altcraft Marketing.

Push notifications in your mobile app

Altcraft Marketing already has all necessary integrations to send Push messages to Google Android or Apple iOS. We use all options: Firebase, APNS, or Yandex AppMetrica. Choose a suitable option and configure Push notifications from the interface of the platform.

Send messages to any channel

It is important for businesses to interact with their customers. Now it’s possible through a variety of communication channels:

  • Your client's personal account
  • Messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Stories in mobile apps

Any channel can be easily and quickly connected to the platform on your request.

Scenarios for automating marketing and business processes

Our omnichannel platform has developed programs to automate marketing processes — scenarios. Use them to implement various marketing strategies, such as working with customer loyalty, abandoned cart reminders, a welcome emails chain, and more. You can include the following steps in your scenario:

  • Waiting
  • Marketing campaign
  • Verification of conditions (segmentation)
  • Customer subscription management

Use retargeting to return customers

Brands need to remind users of themselves. This is where retargeting comes in. Set up audience synchronisation for retargeting from Facebook Ads, Google . Use all opportunities — it is possible to connect other sites on your request.

Plug in advertising platforms

In the Altcraft Marketing automation platform you can manage advertising on third-party sites. Imagine how much this will improve your marketing campaign. We are ready to integrate any advertising platform on your request.

Create your scenarios easily with Altcraft Marketing