Creating, saving and exporting user reports

So, you've generated a report on channels or traffic, configured the grouping, specified dates, added filters, and selected the necessary metrics. Now, this report solves a specific business task. There is one "but". However, once you close the report, all settings reset. If later you want to get the same data, you'll have to configure the report from scratch.

Fortunately, a report on channels and a report on traffic are user reports. What does this mean? Firstly, you build such a report by choosing only the necessary parameters and indicators. Secondly, there is a possibility of saving. A saved report can be opened at any time.

Settings that are saved include:

  • Channel;

  • Period;

  • Grouping and details (fields for "Group by" and "In which show");

  • Applied filters;

  • Visualization of metrics on graphs;

  • Display of the data table.

This article details how to create and save a user-generated report on channels or traffic and how to export the obtained data.

Creating and saving a report

Step 1: Choose the channel.

Choose a channel creating a report

Step 2: Select the period for data retrieval.

Step 3: Group the data in the report according to specific parameters (days, months, resources, campaigns, domains, etc.).

Step 4: Detail the report for a deeper analysis of the obtained information by filling in the fields under "In which show."

Step 5: Add filters to eliminate insignificant information.

Add filters creating a report

Step 6: Configure the data table:

  • Add the required metrics and remove unnecessary ones.

  • Choose the display format for metrics (percentage or quantity).

  • Present key metrics on a graph.

Step 7: Name the report and set access groups if needed.

Step 8: Save the report by clicking the "Save" button on the top panel.

The saved report will be accessible in the "Saved reports" tab.

Where to find saved reports

To open the list, use the buttons on the right.

Saved reports on Altcraft Platform

If you need to update the report later, open it, modify the settings, and save it again without changing the name.

Exporting a report

If you need to analyze metrics independently, you can export them in csv or xlsx formats. Generate the report and click the export icon in the top-right corner. Modify the report name if needed and select the export format. Click "Export."

How to export a report

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