How to manually import customer data

Importing customer data is the next step after creating a profile database.

The easiest way to upload customer data to your database is to manually create their digital profile and enter all available information there.

Step 1. Select «Manual» import.

Choosing an import option

You will see a special form to fill out a digital profile:

New digital profile

Step 2. Enter the data available to you about this customer.

There are five tabs in the profile information:

  • Personal: name, surname, date of birth, gender
  • Contact: phone numbers, email
  • Registration: date, IP address, city, country, link, provider
  • Tracked: IP address, city, country, region, postal code, time zone
  • Additional fields

All the specified fields correspond with the previously configured default and custom ones. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

Step 3. Add subscriptions

The «Subscriptions» tab is located below. Click «Add subscription» to subscribe a profile to some resource right at the moment of import. You will see a new window:

Adding a subscription to a resource

If the "Add subscription" button is inactive, most likely you have not linked any resource to the database yet. Go to the database settings and add the necessary resources.

Select the resource and channel, then click «Add». The profile will get a subscription to the resource.

Provide contact details. For example, if you have selected an email channel for communication, enter the customer's email address. You can also set the subscription status and priority for the selected resource.

Setting a subscription

Other sections cannot be edited at the moment of profile creation.

Read more about a customer digital profile in this article.

Step 4. Save the profile

Click «Save» in the upper panel to save the profile and leave the edit page. If you want to save the changes you have just made, but not close the page, click «Apply».

When you hover the mouse cursor over one of these buttons, you will be prompted to activate two additional options:

  • Do not activate triggers connected with this activity: the new profile will not receive any trigger messages right after you import it into the database.
  • Track geolocation by Reg IP/IP: at the moment of data import your customer's geolocation can be tracked automatically by the data in the Reg IP fields (registration IP address) or IP (the last known IP address).

Saving a profile

The creation of a customer profile in the database is complete. Now you can send them your newsletter.

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