How to import customer data into a database

Importing customers is uploading your customers' data to one of the Altcraft profile databases. As soon as you save a new database, the import page will open:

Customer data import

If you want to import your customers into a pre-existing database, go to the «Profile database» section, find the database you need in the general list and click the icon «Importing customer profiles»:

Profiles import

Data Import Methods

Select which way you want to add customer data to your database:

ManuallyThis method allows you to quickly add one customer profile and their personal data to your database.
ClipboardHere you can add one profile to your database as well as the copied tabular data. This method is convenient for importing a small number of profiles.
FileUpload millions of profiles at a time. Files that contain tables in csv, txt, xls, xlsx formats as well as .zip and .tar.gz archives are supported. You can upload several files at a time.
Via APIAdd profiles directly from your website or app. This method is perfect for marketing processes automation.
ScheduleThis method allows you to regularly select data from a file or data table.This method allows you to regularly select data from a file or data table.

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