Two-factor authentication: what it is and how to activate it

What is two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, is a means of protecting your account not only by entering your username and password, but also using a code that nobody but you know. To authenticate, you need a one-time code generator application, such as Google Authenticator. Once 2FA is activated, entering a six-digit code becomes a must every time you log in to the platform.

How to configure 2FA

The platform administrator has the option to activate obligatory 2FA for all users' accounts. In this case, when attempting to log in users see instructions on how to do it.

However, two-factor authentication is not required by default on Altcraft platform. Any user can set it up if they want to. Below we'll tell you how to do this.

  • Step 1: Go to your profile settings. To do this, click on your avatar in the upper right corner. Then go to My profile.

My profile

  • Step 2. Click the Security tab. In the Two-factor Authentication block, click Connect:

Connect to 2fa

  • Step 3. Instructions for connecting will open. Follow the steps in it: download the app, add Altcraft Marketing to it by scanning the QR code, and enter the resulting 6-digit code. Then click Connect again.

qr code to configure 2fa

  • Step 4. A list of backup codes will appear on the page. You may need them if you lose the device on which the 2FA application is installed. You won't be able to see this list on the platform in the future, so copy it and keep it in an easy-to-access place. Each backup code can only be used once.

The 2FA configuration is now complete. From now on, each time a user logs in to the platform, not only their username and password, but also a 6-digit code from the authentication application will be required.

log in page

If the user enters the wrong digit code from the app while logging in, you will receive an email with data about the failed login attempt. This way you are always aware if someone else tries to log in to your account. Information about both successful and unsuccessful login attempts is displayed in the Login history block:

log in history

How to turn off the 2FA

If you decide you no longer need the two-factor authentication you should go to the tab Security and click the Disconnect button.

Disconnect 2fa


Two-factor authentication can optionally be an extra security measure for your Altcraft platform profile. It takes no more than five minutes to configure it. If you feel that it is not enough to log in with only the name and the password, you can significantly increase the security of working with the platform by the 2FA configuring.

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