Customer profile status

What is profile status

Customers do not always agree to receive messages. Sometimes they unsubscribe from intrusive newsletters and even move uninformative incoming emails to a Spam folder. There are cases when marketers themselves need to stop sending emails to some subscribers. Customer status will help you find out whether a person agreed to receive emails. The status determines whether it is possible to communicate with your customer through this or that channel.

What is the difference between global status and subscription status

Each profile has several statuses: the global status and subscription statuses.

Global status determines the possibility of communication with your customer through any channel. Each profile that gets into the database has one:

Global status

When a profile subscribes to a specific resource, it also gets a subscription status. Each subscription has its status:

Subscription status

Subscription statuses depend on the global status. For example, a profile may have several active subscriptions, but the global status prohibits communication. In this case, you will not be able to send messages to this customer.

SubscribedYou can send messages to the subscriber
UnsubscribedThe subscriber has unsubscribed from your messages
ComplainerThe recipient has marked the incoming email as spam or reported spam in another way, so now you cannot send emails to them.
HardbouncedThe email address to which your emails are sent does not exist. The customer may have made a mistake when entering their email address. Such addresses get into the global suppression list of the platform.
UnconfirmedThe subscriber has registered but has not agreed to receive your messages. This status is used for a Double Opt-In subscription. After confirmation, it changes to Subscribed.
SuspendedYou cannot send messages to a certain subscriber for a while.
InvalidYou cannot send messages for any other reason.


1. What happens if I change the global profile status to «‎Unsubscribed»?

Your customer will not receive your newsletters from any resource.

2. I do not specify a resource when sending campaigns, I only use the database. The customer has unsubscribed from the messages. Why has the global status of their profile changed?

If a resource is not specified, the global profile status is used.

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