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AKMTA (Altcraft Mail Transfer Agent) is a flexibly adjusted learning mail server developed for Altcraft platform. Unlike standard MTA, AKMTA is based on formed ISP knowledge database and makes it possible to set sendings very scrupulously, so that they are recognized as manual sendings by the mail server.


Detailed capability descriptions:

AKTMA is primarily installed automatically. From that moment it is already set up for adaptive email sending to the popular email servers. If you need any further adjustments for your email-strategy you can do that in a user friendly administrator profile.

AKMTA enables to connect several net nodes to scale email sendings and it doesn’t place limits for a number of IPs connected to the system. If your emails are queued for sending, AKTMA distributes them among free net nodes.

AKMTA connection scheme.

ak_mta_schemeAKMTA connection

Three rules for flexible customization depending on ISP responds:

№ 1. Locking rule. It is possible to lock your sending if ISP responds according to the given pattern.


№ 2. Retry rule. The system can resend an email according to the given conditions if ISP isn’t available:

  • you can send as many times as required in a given amount of time.
  • fixed or growing time interval between sendings.
  • email sending at any moment within a specified time interval, for example, 3-5 hours.


№ 3. Sending rule. Adjusted speed and amount of sent emails. It is possible to schedule sending speed for each ISP according to the following parameters:

  • connection set up period, tact period.
  • time for one sending to ISP.
  • the number of connection attempts with ISP per specified period.
  • number of emails sent per one ISP connection.


AKMTA is a smart system that provides automatic speed control depending on ISP reaction. If ISP receives emails without interruptions, sending speed will be constantly increasing. In case of reverse reaction of ISP sending speed will be slowing down automatically.

Status of a sent email

On the administrator control panel you can see current AKTMA status: a number of emails that are currently in queue, a number of bounced emails for resending, etc. This data gives an opportunity to analyse whether delivery to different ISP was a success. It is also possible to control email queues: pause email sending to solve some technical problems, clear the queue.


To sum up,

we’ve introduced you to the mail server AKMTA, a tool to control email sending on Altcraft platform. AKMTA automates and controls the process of email sendings, increases the number of delivered emails and helps to modify your sending strategy if necessary.







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Author: Daria Yarceva






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