Altcraft Marketing Platform Updates. Vol. 1

Date: 2020-08-19 | Time of reading: 3 minutes (707 words)


Sharing our platform updates and telling you what they are for.

Visual editor

A built-in visual editor has appeared in our platform. Now you can make changes to existing templates in a couple of clicks. You don't need to be a layout designer to do this - the necessary tools and blocks are at hand.


All features of the Altcraft Marketing visual editor:

  • Creating a new template or making changes to an existing one.
  • Many typed blocks: adaptive formatting, banners, videos, headers, lists, menus, and more.
  • Block “AMP-carousel”.
  • Easy navigation through the HTML DOM tree.
  • Editing in device-specific adaptation mode.
  • Working with classes and styles.
  • Ability to save your own blocks.
  • Custom image storage with search and automatic loading from external sources.

Relations between profiles

Profile relations reflect the interaction between subscribers as well as their value. For example, the connection between social network users and bloggers — “likes”, subscriptions to each other and reposts of one content. It helps segment profiles based on their relationships. They simplify and streamline this process.

Relations between subscribers can be expressed as numeric or logical values. They can also be added to the email template using special variables. For example, using them, you can form a list of your favorite bloggers.

Static segmentation

Now you can capture segments in our platform. Previously, only dynamic segments were available in Altcraft Marketing. With their help, it is convenient to automatically segment the audience according to certain parameters. You couldn't manually add subscribers to them.

A static segment is a list you create yourself. You can upload data from your platform or CRM system. You can link a dynamic segment that will be used to create a permanent list of users. Alternatively, you can add data from some segments and exclude others. For example, to create a static segment with loyal customers of a company, you need to:

  1. Select a database that has the company's clients.
  2. Add a segmentation rule: "Make a purchase on the site monthly" or the other one.
  3. Create a segment.

If you have a separate file with loyal customers, for example, on your other platform, then you can add it to this static segment.


In the history of a subscriber's profile, you can see which segment corresponds to them now and which one they were in before. You can configure triggers and launch message chains based on this information.

Auto subscription priority

It happens that one user registers on the site several times. The question arises: which email address should I send the message to? Previously, customers managed the priority of their subscriptions themselves. Now, this happens automatically in the platform — the last contact becomes the highest priority and receives your mailings.

If the subscription status has changed, the previous contact takes priority and starts receiving emails again.

Custom pixel domain for the Сloud

If you need your own domain for storing cookies, you can now connect it to your account settings. The settings are checked automatically.

The good thing about your own domain is that you can store cookie data without involving third parties and additionally protect the personal data of users.

Replacing links in already sent messages

If you used an incorrect link in the letter, and it has already left, then you can still replace the link. Users will not notice this and will go to the desired section of the site.

You can change the link in the "Settings", "Custom links" section. It is enough just to create a new link of the "Replaced link" type.


In the next issue

In the second issue, we will talk about improving the client profile, new funnels, presets for report columns, and much more. If you are interested in one of the new features in our platform and would like to learn a little more about it, do not hesitate to contact us.







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Author: Anna Volkova






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