A List of Web Pages With FBL Registration Forms in Isp

Date: 2017-09-14 | Time of reading: 6 minutes (1192 words)

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In Anti-spam system we wrote about technologies that help your emails to archive “Inbox” folder and protect them from cheaters. One of such technologies is a FeedBack Loop – a technology that works closely with mail servers and postmasters.

Below there is a list of web pages with FBL registration forms in ISP.

Before sending requests make sure that:

  • you have a name and contact data of a responsible person: their phone number and email.
  • you know the list of IPs and sender’s domains.
  • abusemaster@ mailbox is configured and emails are delivered to it.
  • you have an access to postmaster@ mailbox and emails are delivered to it.

Postmasters popular in Russia

World’s popular postmasters

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Author: Daria Yarceva

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