What is a click map

What is a Click Map

A click map is a visual image of your email with an indication of unique clicks on each link. In simple terms, it shows you where subscribers clicks in your email. It helps you determine the quality of the template content and identify the most successful location and design of your links.

A click map is based on the message template. If you use the template in several campaigns at once, the data will be summed up.

The map is available the moment you run your campaign, but it is better to analyze the data after a couple of days. Not all subscribers open emails immediately after delivery.

Where to find a click map

Select «Analytics» in the main menu → «A click map».

How to work with a click map

First, select a message template for which you want to see the map.

If you have changed the message, for instance, for different campaigns, then a list of all dates will be displayed in the «Date period» field. Select the necessary version:

You can also upload a click report in MS Excel and CSV formats to your device.

When you choose a template and a version, a heat map will be compiled. There will be marked the percentages of clicks on links in the email:

Click map template

Additional information is displayed on the right:

  • Number of unique template openings
  • Total number of unique clicks
  • Number of unsubscribed customers

The table below provides information about each link:

  • Name of the link
  • Number of clicks on the link
  • Percentage of the total number of clicks
  • CTR for each link in the email ((Number of unique clicks on links in the email / Number of unique openings) * 100)

Click map table

How to improve your campaigns using a click map

  1. If you notice that your customers always click on the images, add more images to the template.
  2. If there are almost no clicks on some link, delete or replace it. Your subscribers may not be interested in this information.
  3. A poorly worded text in the links may be another reason for a small number of clicks. Try to use call-to-action buttons (CTA).

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